Sep. 9, 2016

Cross Purposes 8 / Message From A Fountain Pen

Sometimes I like to write manuscripts before I create electronic documents - blogs and so forth, and there are times when I like to use a good old fashioned fountain pen. Yes, you heard me. A fountain pen. There are not a lot of them around, but I was gifted with one for my birthday several years ago. They have a certain dignity and not a little classiness that goes with them, and they’re certainly not disposable like the many ballpoints out there. They are used to sign important things... Somehow I cannot imagine the Declaration of Independence being signed with a Bic Click, can you? [Yes, I know - it was probably a quill pen, but you get the idea...]

In that regard, I think God views His children in much the same way - distinctive, classy, and, well yes, uncommon. Special, unique. And we shouldn’t be ashamed to admit to that, considering our Original Source!

But that is not where the comparison ends.

Fountain pens can be extraordinarily temperamental and messy, if handled incorrectly. In that mode they can leave stains on everyone and everything they touch. From time to time they need to be taken apart and cleaned on a regular basis, if they’re to be useful. And you must put them back together in proper order. In that respect they’re kind of like us in the experience of our spiritual life, in how God’s Grace may need to work in us.

Fountain pens love to be used to get messages out there. It’s what they’re designed to do, so they love fulfilling their purpose. They especially love to be in the Author’s Hand when He puts His signature on something. And they love to be used to tell His stories and share His ideas and plans. They love to be used to communicate words of encouragement, or even admonition when necessary, delighting in the grand purpose for which they were created, because they get to hang out with Messengers who do special work assignments with the Author.

The ink inside the pen is the “stuff” God puts within us to write His message to the world. It can be any color, but ordinarily it’s black, indigo, or dark blue - so that speaks to the mystery of the deep invisible miracles that He creates often on some other level where we are not even aware of them at first. As the ink flows from the tip of the pen it goes onto the paper. That can correspond to the life we have where we can write His message, or tell His story, in some special and personal way, as the Author guides us along.

This just reminds me that indeed “we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10.

So maybe the next time you’re feeling “penned up”, it may be that there’s need to look at it a different way: ask the Author and Finisher of our faith to take you in His hand and use you to tell His story in a new way, one that will have meaning and depth to everyone who reads it.

Who knows, your message may be the handwriting on the wall for someone who needs to look up, see it, and wake up spiritually.

Did that idea ever “cross” your mind?