Sep. 23, 2017

Cross Purposes 17 / Resolutions Or Solutions?

Dear Reader, where to from here? At this point in time we may be asking ourselves that question. Can directions personal or political be discerned and determined by way of real solutions or by making resolutions?

Solutions are actual ways of solving difficult problems, such as the breaking of bad habits. Thus might resolutions mean visiting and solving them yet again, these persistent things that will not go away in our life, such as bad habits, vices, addictions, and the like? Is there a permanent answer to dissolving these persistent and “permanent” issues, rather than a perpetual re-solving them time after time?

I would offer that there is a Way. However, my answer may not be the “formula” that will work for you. I only share it so that you may consider it, try it if you choose, or discard it and seek another way. But in all of it, always ask the Creator of all things, and answers shall be given - how shall I be delivered of this, Lord? Take it to the Lord directly in prayer!

It may not go away over night, but perhaps you’ll be shown a process which will work for you over time, not based on re-solutions operating from the ego, false self, old adam, flesh, lower nature... whatever you wish to call it, but rather your solution will be sourced in the Divine Mind! God is the Omniscient One. He has the solution to your pollution! You have been given redemption through Jesus Christ, but are you “working out” your salvation? (See Philippians 2:12.)

First of all I’m not so sure that making resolutions to change some bad habit is the approach to take. The focus is still on the habit and looking to fallen self to solve it. Bad habits are very much like children who are addicted to attention: the more they get, the more antics you will experience with them. My experience with my own bad habits has shown me that this is so often the case.

So, since re-solutions don’t seem to work, back to our original question: where to from here? If re-solutions won’t work, then where are the solutions?

May I share what’s been provided to me in a fresh way, as a prescription by the Great Physician? It’s an affirmation and prayer that goes something like this: 

Let me align with the Mind, O Heavenly Father, of my Lord Jesus Christ, in full and simple surrender of spirit, soul, mind, body, and strength - consecrated completely to Holy Scripture and the Holy Spirit, with my voice given entirely to Gratitude, Love, Truth, and Spiritual Songs! Lord have mercy. Your will not mine be done. Amen.

Resistance really is futile. Approaching an undesirable habit with the ego-will simply does not work. (At best it will result in self righteousness.) The “old Adam” has no abiding power over a bad habit, which is in fact a “child” conceived of itself that it will not easily surrender! There needs to be a Higher Power called into action which will indeed render once and for all the solution. What is needed is a miracle of Divine Intervention, a deliverance from evil, not a re-solution!

Foul language, for example, is one habit that is for the birds! Scripture reveals to us that the tongue is set on fire by hell itself and no man can tame it! (See James 3:2-10.) This presents us with a conundrum. Cussing, lying, put downs, dirty jokes, and all manner of perverse speech have infiltrated our world at every level. This is a more serious problem than we can imagine, and we all seem to participate in one level or another with it. If no human being can tame the tongue, then it must be surrendered to Divine intervention.

Moreover, life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:6-8,21). Is it any wonder then - with this prevalent, profuse, and proliferating profanity - that the quality of life on this planet is deteriorating and seems more dizzying and delusional every day? Could that have to do with the fact that all the cursing and “f bombing” has opened the very gates of hell, causing massive discord and devolution?  

If, according to Psalm 33:6, the heavens were made by the Word of the Lord and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth, then might perverted words on the part of we the people created in His image and likeness have a very darkly creative effect upon this world?

And let me address this idea, often vehemently defended, concerning the “right to free speech”. Certainly - if you think that freedom means being allowed to demean and denigrate yourself, others, and your world through the use of profanity, lies, deceit, and any other misuses of the vocal organs powered by thought and breath - you have the “right” to do so guaranteed by the US constitution. We’ve cursed ourselves, called our curses freedom, and then wonder where our freedoms went! All the minions of Hell must be doing some unholy rolling with laughter in the church aisles on this one!

if you are a Christian there is a higher Law which is in place to guide you. “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?” (1 Corinthians 6:19.) This is the One Who must be called upon to curb an unruly tongue, to deliver us from its causes and effects. Have you asked Him about that lately?

Please be advised that although you have the “right” it may not be right, as in this world where evil is called good and good evil. (You also have the right to remain silent.) 

You may be contributing to the downfall of the very thing you most desire - freedom - by abusive, profane, and unenlightened speech. These are reactions of fear, and given the current attitudes, what you fear will appear. There are better choices, effective because they are Divinely inspired and Divinely empowered! God’s “operative Grace” - Perfect Love - casts out ALL fear (See 1 John 4:18).

Perhaps it’s time to turn that loss of freedom around by participating in what supports it instead of what defeats it - at a most rudimentary level. 

When we speak, we create. What are you creating by your speech? What does it reveal about the character of your heart ( See Matthew 12:34-37)?  Are you taking responsibility for what you’re creating by your words, by the breath of your mouth? Have you ever considered it in this light before?

Moreover, are you intentionally, daily, and regularly “showing up for work” in the Divine Presence of God’s unfathomable transformative Grace - by prayer, study, and meditation on His Word - where the tongue can be tamed? 

Life and death are in the power of the tongue! How can we use this knowledge to turn our world around? Here’s a starter: “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.” (Psalm 150:6) Praise instead of profanity!!!

In this 21st Century and beyond, where we consider ourselves to be oh so enlightened, perhaps it’s time to ask the Holy Spirit to light the candlestick inside of us instead of cursing the darkness around us.