Oct. 2, 2017

Cross Purposes 18 / Cosmic POW’s

My perspectives are just that, my perspectives. Hopefully what I offer may shed a little light to someone who reads it.

Male or female, black or white, employed or unemployed, Catholic or protestant, gay or straight, political or apolitical, own a gun or don’t own a gun, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Taoist, Pagan... The point is - we’re all in the same boat called the fallen Human Condition. These are only a few examples of how the three dominating systems - religion, corporatism, and politics - strategize to divide us one against the other and to keep us stirred up so they maintain control, so that we never embrace or finally reach any real freedom, our Divine Birthright, realize who we are, or experience unconditional love. 

There is fabulous, potent, unlimited creativity buried deep within every one of us - as the Human children of God, created in His image! If we actualized this awareness, the Luciferian control game is over. And we then experience freedom from the massive programming which has gone on since the Fall. This is the goal. Some of us call it “salvation”. Salvation is not a religion; it is your birthright from your Heavenly Father restored through Jesus Christ.

The human condition results from this: that we’re all prisoners of an ancient Cosmic war, each in his or her own peculiar jail cell of sin, circumstances, and issues that beset us. All of us to one degree or another. No exceptions. Sin might not look the same in you as it does in me, but no human is free from it.

There are many social commentators bringing us to awareness of what the bad news looks like in the world scene. They keep us focused on it! They come as stand up comics with foul mouths, and news broadcasters and shows from the “alternative” camp and the mainstream.

Here’s why I I think the forces of limitation [henceforth called the “FOL”] leave them alone, and why they’re allowed to tattle as they do. The reason is a rather metaphysical one. The FOL understand the power of suggestion and thought. It works something like this:

1] What you resist shall persist.

2] What you fear will appear.

3] Where the focus goes, the energy flows.

4] How you see is what shall be.

5] As you believe, so you shall receive.

The FOL don’t care that people are aware of the degree of corruption in the world. That is essentially irrelevant. Sign all the petitions you like - it won’t matter. They don’t bother to hide it anymore because they actually want you to focus on it! 

Your anger and disdain empower them, enhancing their goals, making it easier and more effective. It’s an energy feast for energy vampires. Fearful creatures are easy pickings for predators and scavengers.

What’s important is to keep the people stirred up with negative mental pictures. This is a very clever method of generating propaganda - not even hiding it in plain sight, but letting people focus on it, support it, and spread it around, in particular through social media [which some perceive is created and funded for this purpose!].

Mind creates! It’s simple “science of mind 101”. If you are among the FOL, and you want to make it easy on yourself - with a diabolical intent for people to experience misery and destructiveness, or eliminate themselves entirely - then you let them create the conditions for themselves, beginning with negative mental constructs, which over time lead to behaviors producing destruction. 

The strategy is flawless. Create a focus on negativity, disease, strife, conspiracy, doubt, controversy, conflicts, corruption, and so forth. Divide and conquer. Get them hating one another for their differences. Allow for a consciousness that creates turmoil and even disease and disaster.

Reality is intrinsically bound up in consciousness. Negative consciousness yields negative experiences. Stir up the banal-finite-false-ego self [create problem] and make it perceive its very survival is at stake [create reaction] bringing in alarm and fear, and then offer to be the savior and solve the problems by tightening down control emphasizing “safety” and “security”. [create solution]. And there you have it - the Hegelian Dialectic in action like you’ve never seen it in operation before: problem, reaction, solution.

What’s needed is not the world’s focus or solutions, but Divine intervention, The only mind over matter that matters is “God’s Mind over all matters”. 

How do we get it? 

We turn away from the problems and all the noise, and place ourselves daily in the Presence of God, with all our questions, concerns, wounds, fragmentation, neediness and yes, sin. We confess, “I’ve blown it; please help me stop doing that, and show me how to live!” We turn from the tempest and turbulence of the outer world to the Lord by asking Him, “What must I do to be saved?” 

We ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking, knock and keep on knocking - until He opens the door. He withholds no good thing from the one who asks in faith without doubting. His Grace is sufficient. His strength is the perfect answer to our weakness. It is the One True Light to which all darkness - whether within us or outside of us - must surrender.

And as we first surrender ourselves to the One Who is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and infinitely full of transforming, unconditional love, the outer world is changed as each of us is transformed from within. One by one we show up for the work of His love within us, as the Holy Spirit makes us aware of everything that God has provided for us through His written word revealing the Word made flesh.