May. 14, 2018

Cross Purposes 21 / Align With The Divine

Lately I've been inspired to embrace a more intuitive and less intellectual approach to life. This means surrendering my will, intellect, all internal programming, and outer-drivenness to the Holy Spirit. 

Part of that is learning to listen to what our body may be trying to let us know. 

Having been hit with a bout of fatigue for several days, it became clearer than ever that it was time to listen to the body. My appetite was gone, so there was nothing for it but to surrender to the process, and use the time for silence, reflection, and meditation.

It was a bit scary to let go for that long, but the results were worth it. My body would not allow for anything short of that.

In using this approach to the experience of “feeling like I’m coming down with something”, tuning in to the body can result in its “telling” us what it requires, if we can get off the carousel of traditional thinking long enough to “listen”. What is discerned by that listening needs to be honored, as much as possible. 

I suspect that, over the normal course of the day, people often think they need to eat or take stimulants just to keep going, when what the body cries out for is water or rest. It’s almost screaming, “Stop now and listen to me!” 

Yet our modus operandi in this world is so confused that we get our signals crossed. So we eat instead of drinking more water. We take stimulants instead of a nap or even a retreat. Thus the need for restoration and rebalancing is overwhelmed by a louder voice all too often - the world’s continual lash across our backs. “Hurry, rush, rush, rush... be productive! ”, cries the inner (and sometimes outer) taskmaster who will always drive us and intimidates us with the pressure that we’re just not doing enough.

However Jesus invites us to His way - All who are heavy laden come to Me, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light. He invites us to stillness and silence and healing - sometimes through our body which say, “Stop! I’ve had enough!” 

If the body is allowed what it needs, the Spirit that enlivens it can actually heal basically anything, make corrections, balance, and restore things. 

So many people are afraid of this approach to life because they are used to being driven,  like the proverbial horse “rode hard and put away wet,” - completely out of rhythm with the rhythms of the Creator and His created order and seasons.

What follows ignoring these inner directions? Dis-ease. Not perhaps some full blown diagnosable malady, but a warning that says, “Hey, you need to lighten up.”

Jesus, the Son of God, often went up into a mountain to pray all night. He sought ought periods of solitude, away from the crowds or even the disciples. If this was good and necessary for the Son of God, then who do we think we are to ignore our need for retreat times as His created beings?

Must we be flattened with dis-ease that hits like a freight train in order to finally get the message that it’s time to align with the Divine?

Perhaps the real etiology of these things may be an inner one. So the question is, what am I doing to connect myself to the Holy Spirit and the Mind of Christ in the way of heeding Him? Do my thoughts, words, and deeds manifest His attitudes?

If we’re not listening, after a time it registers in the body which is not in harmony. Or the crabby and anxious mind! The body lets us know that it wishes to be intimately connected to its Supernal Source of energizing power! 

Our Creator-Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need before we even know it.  But will we ask? This means daily regular intervals of prayer, which doesn’t have to be getting down on your knees and begging God for the things you want, or maybe even need. Prayer is the intentional surrender of our will to His will. It can be letting go of our fretful, anxious ways and allowing the Holy Spirit to take over.

It’s important to be as a little child, a royal child, who knows that he can go into Daddy’s throne room anytime and interrupt the board meeting. He knows that Daddy has priorities, and His priorities are His family.

We can meditate on and pray the Scriptures - asking, seeking, knocking. This is an important habit to develop. Our Father in Heaven will never give a stone to the child who comes looking for bread, nor will He give a serpent to the one who asks for a fish. We can count on that. Jesus loves us and He promises this. 

Thus prayer may really be simple surrender to our Heavenly Father's Good and His gracious will for us. (Lord, have mercy; Thy will, not mine, be done!)


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