Jan. 25, 2017

His Greatness

There are those passages which simply implore us 

to ponder in our hearts what they reveal to us. 

These few verses from Psalm 89 are like that. 

So, rather than writing anything that “explains” it, 

or even sharing my insights into it, 

my hope in posting this is to provide the opportunity

 for you, dear reader, 

to enter more fully into 

the awareness of His greatness 

by means of a little art. 

Thus may your contemplation 

of the unequalled majesty of our Lord 

fill you not only with a sense of awe and wonder, 

but  also bring peace and confidence to your mind and heart, 

should you find yourself troubled,

in the vastness of our mighty God 

Who loves us and continues to pour His infinite goodness 

upon all without measure.