Mar. 26, 2017

Stop Whining And Start Winning!

This is just a short thought for a Sunday, bounced off a post I read today that seems to reflect an attitude of discouragement concerning "those other Christians"...

It simply reminded me of a common workplace attitude: "I'm doing all the work around here, and nobody has the zeal or quality for it that I put out."

If I am worried about other Christians and their "comfortable" condition in the world, it makes me think that perhaps the need is to remove the log from my own eye first so I can see more clearly and without a distorted perspective.

It also reminds me of what the Lord told Elijah - that there were 7000 faithful who HAD NOT bowed the knee to Baal, and that he needed to stop running away and whining and instead realize that he was not the lone ranger.

In other words, I need to rejoice in the Lord and in those other believers who have been made faithful and fruitful by the power of His  grace. I may not be able to see them, but they're there! I need to pay attention to what He's asking me to do, work with what He has made ready - in the power of His Holy Spirit - and leave the rest to Him.

Otherwise it is easy to become self absorbed, weakened, discouraged, and being pretty much dead in the water.

See 1 Kings 19. Time to get with the Still Small Voice?