Sep. 7, 2018

What's It All About

There is a vision to be embraced, not a woo woo moment, but a clear understanding of what has needed to be perceived from the beginning. Psalm 115:16 reveals to us that “The heavens are the heavens of the Lord, but the earth He has given to the sons of men.” 

How’s that been going for us? 

Clearly this has not been taken seriously, as this little blue green gem in the sky has not been well managed, nor have her peoples been loved and cared for on a consistent basis. The first directive given to humankind was - to “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” Gen 1:28. To subdue means to bring it under subjection to the Lord. And when the Lord mentions “ruling over” we know from Jesus’ own words it is not in the way of the kings of the earth, but His way - that to “rule” is to be the servant of all! For it is the “meek” who are promised the earth.

Man instead handed the domain given him by God to the evil one, thus relinquishing the claim to all God gave him to be responsible for. This was the plan behind the temptation of Eve, by way of deception. From there came the greatest source of THE conspiracy to end all conspiracies! And it was also the reason we needed to be redeemed, and restored - what we call Christification, one soul at a time. To be made ready to be heirs and joint heirs in Christ. This is why we needed and need and will need a Savior - to deliver us from the power and authority of the evil one to whom we were captive, to be set free from the works of the devil.

How well is this “vision” disseminated in the churches?

We have “religion” and religious forms, but how does that fit into the Master’s plan? I would offer that, rather than embracing just the "sacramental stream" of religious life, it is also necessary to revive and embrace the living, moving Spirit of God in the "charismatic stream" - that real flow of Living Water - of the Christian faith, as evidence - per Jesus and Scripture, "signs of those who believe" - of its evangelistic work, if there is any. The gifts of healing and restoration, per Jesus, come about as evidencing the claims and reality of “believers.” So, we need the Sacramental, Charismatic, and Evangelical (conversion) streams - the last two being the Spirit working through the priesthood of all believers, not only the clergy.

What's symptomatic also of the lack of understanding of the mission is that we Christians have become very comfortable in the world and taking God's blessings for granted. We, as the presumed "bride" “take His name in vain” by faithless adultery with the world. Our hearts are divided and unclean! We idolatrously rely on everything worldly, but not His promises and His power in life, which are an outgrowth of branches abiding in the Vine - the Direct Current of the Holy Spirit. 

We are dependent on secular systems of this world, in which we find far too much convenience and security, often modeling churches on a corporate business template, and then simply adding the sacramental components, but ignore the rest of the power of the Lord, promised right before His Ascension, according to Mark 16. (When did Cessationists decide that this ended with the book of Acts?)

We defy Christ Who said that we cannot serve God and mammon. Christ Who is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. But oh how we love having one foot in the church and the other in the world, idolatrously touting its claims and offers of security and wholeness, instead of being sold out to the Lord Jesus, and continually asking and seeking and knocking for the Holy Spirit. Could this be one big reason why we have “churchianity” and not christianity? 

This will not change until judgment begins in the house of God, and - just like ancient Israel - all the "props" of our little drama are knocked right off the stage of our presuming upon Him. The pattern is clear as seen in Scripture and history. Nothing will change, and we will not see anything truly supernatural - revealing the connection to the Vine - until this pruning takes place.

Where is the weeping of repentance? Where is the “baptism of anguish” over our idolatrous hearts and ways? Or will our lament take place by the rivers of Babylon as we undergo full captivity.

It may be too late, and what is about to unfold is not going to be very pretty. Look around. It has already begun, with the implementation of unrighteous laws legitimizing murder of innocents and every perversion, as well as the Trojan Horse of so called immigration.

We should wake up and weep for the Holy Spirit. And if God permits, let us not be cursed forever like the fig tree!