Sep. 24, 2019

Spiritual Hunger and Thirst

When people don’t care about prayer or Scripture reading because they are frankly spiritually dead, no amount of cajoling or threatening or coercion is going to change that on the part of pastors or others who care. Instead maybe it’s time to realize that something supernatural needs to happen and how that comes about.

The only thing that can change a person and his priorities and aim him in the direction of the desirability of becoming godly is that there must be a Holy Spirit imparted hunger and thirst after righteousness in the very core of his being. No one comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ. There must exist a perceiving of one’s need and the realization that I don’t have in myself the skill set or strength to accomplish this! Those who understand this must pray for conversion and regeneration to take place. Pray for the “dead” who line the pews (or stand upright as the case may be) that they will be awakened from spiritual death, regenerated, and restored to God’s perfect will and priorities for their life.

No amount of pleading with the dead to read the Bible or pray is going to work. Jesus must be implored on their behalf to raise them up!

When Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead, she woke up hungry! He told those who witnessed this to then give her something to eat. Lk 8:55. Mk 5:43. Similar instruction was given regarding Lazarus. The onlookers were told to loose him and let him go. Jn 11:44.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be satisfied.” Mt 5:6. But they have to wake up hungry first! And this only comes from the spirit of Christ, in answer to the prayers of those who understand how spiritual awakening first takes place. 

As one awakens, then the true fathers and mothers in spiritual Israel in Christ are charged to feed the spiritually hungry newly regenerated, and to unbind them from the remaining bonds of death so they can grow properly.

No amount of external pleading or pressure can bring about spiritual hunger in the spiritually dead. Such efforts are futile. Yet one hears preachers of every ilk of Christianity doing this all the time. But when Jesus raises someone out of spiritual death, he is gong to have a supernatural hunger and thirst for God’s Word, prayer, and growth in Christlikeness. Such do not need to be force fed. The craving for fellowship with God and one another is a natural outgrowth of this supernatural rebirth. As is desire to know God, study His Word, and grow in His grace and Christlikeness.

That is part of the evidence that confirms that such a thing has happened.

If persons at not so motivated, it never works to preach to the dead. Even if they “try” the result is dead works of the flesh and religion.