Jun. 13, 2020

Being A Confessional Christian

Ps 116:16b “... You have loosed my bonds.” NKJV

Romans 10:10 “For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” NKJV

In Jesus Christ my bonds have been loosed! I can say that because God's word says so. I also know it in my heart! I have been set free by the Blood of Jesus Christ from the power of self, sin, and Satan himself. Now even death has no power over me. I am free.

I’m not convinced that all "positive confession" is necessarily a bad thing. As an old fashioned Christian I consider myself a confessional Christian. This is not hard to understand in some ways.

I was taught as a child that this simply means that we are saying the same things God says about us through His Son, the Living Word, as well as His written testimony to us - His final Word, the Holy Scripture. When we confess the same things God says, we are “confessional”. It’s what we confess.

I have not thought about this in awhile, but it works like this: through hearing the Word, the Holy Spirit creates faith in my heart, my innermost being. So I believe! My lips confess what I know in my heart and believe according to God's Word. I confess unto salvation - that which God has already given and said of me in Christ. It is based upon the Rock solid Word of God and the Holy Spirit bestowed conviction of my heart!

This is one of the most basic yet least understood concepts of the confessional expression of Christianity, what it means when I say that I’m a confessional Christian, which is really quite basic and Biblical. It seems like an obvious basis to all true Christian understanding.

Some of the confusion about it comes from the "word of faith" “positive confession” Christians, whose perspective on this comes right out of New Thought metaphysics. This is not Bible nor Christian. So real confessional Christianity gets a bad rap, and then no one seems to be able to clarify the difference.

In positive confession Christianity as well as New Thought, confession is used as a manipulative apparatus, usually to bring forth what is desired for your "best life" in this world by repeating words or phrases. This is more like magical incantation and should never be used by Christians. It also is found in such ideas as the power of positive thinking, which is white washed witchcraft because it too is manipulative.

Being a confessional Christian, however, is not about speaking something into existence by the power of your positive words or thoughts! No! Instead it simply means that we are confessing what already is, which God says of us in Christ and in His Word!

I’m confessing unto salvation that already here is for me in Jesus. I’m agreeing with God to what already is according to Scripture; I’m not trying to manifest it out of the ethers by the power of my self will worship or my words. No! That would be a magical or occult practice which we’re to have no part in.

Here’s another thing confessional Christianity includes: confession of my sins as well! I need to do that so that I may repent, and so that I may then also confess the remedy and the cost of them paid in full in Jesus Christ. I need to recieve His forgiveness and be healed and set free. He has suffered the death penalty for me in full, on my behalf, thus freeing me from sin’s and Satan’s power over me. He has ransomed me from the power of the devil and ultimately death (first spiritual death then eventually physical death at the Resurrection)!

Soli Deo Gloria!