Jun. 18, 2020

Callous Christians

Sometimes it seems as if some Christians have no hearts at all. They see what is going on in our country (most of the world for that matter) but cannot empathize with anyone who is in the way of the oncoming destruction, nor do they seem to care that those responsible are souls under possession of the evil one... “Well, so what. God is still in His heaven and I am His child. I have my little safe space where I will wait it out. I have my plan. I have my bug out bag. I’m good.” 

So who cares, in other words? 

Or, “Jesus is coming, so does it matter?” That’s the other default response. Hand me another beer, please, and a bowl of chips.

Does God Himself, Who is revealed to us by Jesus, have that callous attitude? No! He is never glad when any sinner perishes, whether they are the offenders or the defenders.

These “default responses” are very telling. It may be they’re part of the problem, since some seem past feeling, displaying a harshness that borders on cruelty. Talking the talk but unfeeling. It becomes evident how any Christ like compassion is missing. There’s a lack of the Holy Spirit (Who is the only One Who can generate Christ’s compassion in us), and a failure to actually comprehend and apprehend the teachings of Jesus.

Could that be why He admonishes us to keep on asking, seeking, and knocking for the Holy Spirit?

Try to find any common ground there. It’s very revealing to converse about current events with such persons. I think it shows lack of the heart of God over sinners. That, as much as the immoral depravity of America, will be a part of her downfall - the love of many growing cold over the preponderance of iniquity. “I see what's coming but I’m not afraid." Unacknowledged fear also provides the bravado which supplants a heart of compassion. Hardness of heart will have its own outcome. It is a quirky kind of pride in self will and one’s own strength. It might have been learned growing up in harsh environment, and then perpetuated among still more harsh, unfeeling people. It’s personal survival learned the hard way.

Is there a better Way?

Matthew 25:40 speaks to the necessity of seeing Christ in all. And responding accordingly. That essential of Christianity seems to be missing. Some have in themselves great need of unacknowledged need of healing due to so much damage growing up in dysfunctional, abusive, or harsh families. Perhaps that accounts for the attitude and the emphasis on being “tough” and presenting a fearless exterior. Is that really any different on some levels as the scary, lawless thugs terrorizing the cities? Some retreat into violence. Others retreat into isolation and self preservation. All of it goes unhealed for lack of a close relationship with Jesus Christ and a participation in His Real Presence, where healing can take place.

Frankly many of us don’t know how to relate to any or all of this - along with a personal sensitivity and the sense of abandonment, of which we may now have become acutely aware. We can feel pretty alone right now. The societal threat as well as the lack of support by state officials who should be making all this stand down, but are not doing that, leaves a sense of vulnerability unlike most have ever experienced. In some cases these “leaders” - mere conditioned order followers themselves - literally bow to the thugs and bullies and beg to be forgiven - for being white and the myth of white priviledge. This is no answer! Church authorities likewise bend, infested by socialist politically charged ideologies.

Christians of all colors who know Jesus and adhere to His teachings must simply resort to prayer, in full realization and use of all the weapons of our warfare, on one another’s behalf, and behalf of all - mighty through God to the tearing down of these demonic infestations and strongholds on many levels. It’s time to learn. 

Unfortunately much of it will have to be “OJT”. Yet we can know that the King of kings and Lord of Lords, to Whom ALL authority is given in heaven and on earth is covering our six! Boot camp is over. There’s a war on! Real Christianity must all of a sudden be taken for the reality it is meant to be. Time to stop playing church and be the Church - the very Temple of the Almighty!

But we cannot resort to the default modes mentioned before - that it’s about God still ruling in heaven, or that Jesus is coming soon. Where’s the connection? What exactly does that mean, except it’s become a sort of Christian meme or mantra?! 

There’ve been a whole lot of hells unleashed on earth and people have suffered terribly throughout time, for millennia. They all thought this must be “it” - the end. Jesus is coming. A lot of the cold hearted ones probably said that same thing. It amounts to, “I don’t have to do anything but sit back and wait.” No!

Yes, it’s true; God is in His heaven and He is coming “soon” (in terms of Someone to Whom a day is as a thousand years). Yes this may be “it.” The Big One. The Last Day. The Final Conflict.

But it seems very callous to just look around at ruin and suffering and heartbreak and then default to that as a response. This shows a heart that cannot feel any longer. “I default to this because I don’t care or because it hurts too much to be concerned about it.” Love grown cold. Another sign of the end, as Jesus points to it. (Matthew 24:!2)

It should drive us to tears and to prayer and great anguish, to see so many souls either driven by Satan or hurt by those whom Satan is driving, and then also to see leaders in government stand down and do nothing when they have the power to stop the evil! We soon realize that the enemy of my enemy is not my friend, but that my “enemy” - that flesh and blood person with whom I’m in opposition - has the same enemy, the same Adversary, that I do! So the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy!!! And we cannot fight him with physical, carnal means, as the Bible says.

Should this not make us ask why, how, when…? Should this not drive us to prayer to ask God for Wisdom and His protection? There is something of His Wisdom He wishes to impart to us, and a part of that prayer needs to be in developing strong personal sensitivity to His Voice, one of the “entitlements” of being a part of His flock.

Lord, have mercy! Christ, have mercy! The Litany needs to be used. (I thank You Lord that you brought it to my attention. I cannot think of a more all inclusive prayer!) 

Can we turn this around? Can we be covered by Your Blood and protected while the angels of death and destruction pass over and pass through the land? It may be a very long time. Or it may be shortened for the Elect’s sake, and lest no human flesh survive.

We may not be able to turn this around, or avoid it, but He is certainly going to show us the Way through it. “Not my will, but Thy will be done, Father.” The Cross Road.

Prepare. Could He have returned as judge and avenger? Might we ask for eye to see Him in a fierce new light?

They didn’t recognize Him the first time around.

It might be the same this time.

Soli Deo Gloria!



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