Jun. 22, 2020

Humility Or Hubris

The mindset of most, including religious “leaders”, has more to do with the goals of self recognition than the path of discipleship which is love and humility. Everybody wants to be somebody, and this includes religious ambition. The world is full of people who have been spoiled in thinking that success follows the sinful, fallen heart and ego, rather than the surrender of self to God. This also results in pride of self and often a touchiness any time their direction is called into question. (We can all do with some self examination along this line, as the world’s thinking is gravely infested with this mentality of seeking greatness and recognition.)

Aging goes much harder when we do not understand what life is really about, because people are never schooled in the wisdom that it is about humility, surrender in full to Christ and the cross, and that the pursuit of humility rather than greatness is desirable. There is a time to surrender that! The pursuit of the resurrection of childish ambitions that long ago died accounts for both men and women making fools of themselves in their 50s and 60s with ambitions whose time came and left in earlier days, and the world applauds the performance.

Children ought to be taught this, how and when it is wise to let go of things, especially Christian children, but instead the worldly model of trying to be a big somebody is put upon them and they are never taught that there is a time when it is best to release it. This is a setup for disillusionment and disappointment, because it doesn’t work that way for the most part. It would be a far more Godly quest to be taught to desire holiness and humility and the will of the Lord, than to chase after worldly greatness. Seek always and first the kingdom of God, and all else that you need will be added to you. That is - what is needed for God’s work in you, not what your childish ego wants!

Since seminaries and Bible schools are modeled on secular education rather than discipleship, the path leads away from the presence of Christ and true knowledge of Him, and into the highway of self aggrandizement. “I want to be a leader, not a servant.” So this is what is being inserted into “leadership” in all churches - people who are full of themselves where that is fed by pew sitting devotees who do not take up responsibility as the priesthood of believers, but blindly rely on authority figures trained in secularized religious training centers, having head knowledge of a religion but little if any knowledge of God. So we’re getting what we’ve got and it’s a long ways away from the path of Biblical Christianity.

Maybe all those “leadership” conferences and training need to be rebranded as “servanthood” seminars. Then see who shows up.

This has to do with training for which one has paid a lot of money to essentially buy himself a place of honors. Or someone else like Daddy and Mama pays for it. Or some church fund.

Jesus has much to say about those who like the places of honor at the banquet table. He advises them to choose the lower seats, and then when the master of the feast arrives, He can say, “Come up higher!”

The true path of discipleship takes the attitude of Christ, the Servant of all. It concerns itself with humility, not honors and recognition. It is to the humble that He grants knowledge of Himself, true wisdom, and understanding of all things... Blessed are the poor in spirit; theirs is the kingdom of heaven.