Jul. 10, 2020

Unmasking The Truth

I realize that my usual content on this site isn't along the following lines, but what I have to say needs to be said, because after all is said and done, politics and religion are never truly inseparable on Planet Earth.
In case you haven't figured it out yet, my theory on this whole cv1984 thing is that the whole program is one big "mask" for the coup that's been set up against the USA, and the entire free world to replace it with global atheist totalitarianism. And as always, they're going after the churches because they are Christ haters from the start. And if you belong to a liberal church that is decieved and promotes BLM, ANTIFA and so called social justice and touts that agenda, you're part of the problem, sweetheart. It's the totalitarian two step. Inch by inch. They're using a virus as a front to destroy everything that is right and good. Open your eyes, look, and see current events for what it is.
Ask yourself the obvious questions. How does "walking the line" in the grocery store help fight disease? How does shutting down the entire economy and ruining small businesses and lives help to fight disease? Why are dentists closed down, but abortion mills still open? Why are churches closed or observing this ridiculous social distancing, or forbidden from singing, confessing the Creeds, or even speaking or singing liturgies - when it's OK to riot, loot, burn, pillage and generally raise hell in the public square if you're BLM, or ANTIFA? Why are religious gatherings forbidden when the liquor stores and pot dispensaries are still doing business? Why else would I need 6 pages of papers coming out of the doctor's office on cv1984 and what to do about it, when all I need is the day and time of my follow up visit - when the reason for my visit was a fractured elbow?!!!
We are having this cover narrative literally shoved down our throats 24/7!!! If there's been a biological war declared, why has the public not been informed that we are at war?
This isn't about any virus, people. It's about global totalitarianism in the form of technocratic medical tyranny. What good is wearing a silly mask you made out of your socks or t shirt, when 5000 viruses can pass together right though any of the tiny holes in its weave? And the added bonus is that you get to breathe in your own germs while wearing it! Can't beat that for safety, can we?
Yeah, I get it that this mask thing is a hot button for some people. But frankly, my dear, I'm employing the Rhett Butler response to that.
There's more going on here than the mainstream media Kool Aid you imbibe tells you. Or your liberal skinny jeans seeker friendly pastor or liberal priest. Some of you never respond, except when I bring up masks. That speaks volumes.
What's going down right now is not about a virus, I repeat. The virus - while real - has been hyped up to literal epidemic proportions, as a front to pull YOU into the jackpot of the globalist agenda. Government currently is not your friend. Joe Biden is not going to have answers, nor his America and freedom hating feminazi wannabe running mates. Donald Trump is not your savior. They're playing their role to bring this thing in - they certainly offer nothing more than the same rhetoric for every election cycle, while that totalitarian two step marches on.
At this point I'm about done warning anyone about the freight train headed your way. It's probably too late! I warn because I care about what happens to friends, former coworkers, acquaintances, family, and more. I try to share actual science links so people can read the research for themselves. But, no, people would rather listen to Bill Nye the (pseudo) science guy. Or share some video of some nit wit with a plaid shirt that matches his trendy mask - preaching to everybody a false narrative that only reveals how stupid he is.
Most don't even know what scientific method is. All they do is cower to the mainstream line, "We have the science." What science? Yeah, you probably mean the "science" of social manipulation and engineering. Because it cetainly isn't about any real science.
And the response to actual facts reveals how co-opted and controlled some of you are. You've swallowed the blue pill: "We're here for you. We want to protect you. We will keep you safe. "Those who want safety in place of freedom deserve neither," per founding Father Benjamin Franklin. So here we are.
But here's the thing: That useless mask will be required just like the star of David was required of Jews to wear during the Nazi days. Be sure and wear it proudly on that train. Here it comes!
Last train to Auschwitz! All aboard!