Jul. 11, 2020

When It's Time To Surrender

I have been puzzling over the times and my own personal events and issues. It became evident that what I needed to do is accept the invitation of James 1:5 - to ask for divine wisdom.

Here are some conclusions where I have been directed along those lines, after hours of prayerful musings.

Is the “mystical reality” of today that the Ekklesia of the Firstborn now follows her Lord into the death of her current forms? Each of us “living stones” may do well to see our current reality likewise - as tiny “holograms” of this process. A co crucifixion of forms which have served the Divine purpose for a time. This is on a grand scale encompassing every level of being. The frustration comes when we try to figure it out or to “blame” any one cause, as we’re prone to do.

We want to bring back as did His disciples the Jesus we walked with for three years and grew to cherish. Yet was His death also not mysterious, allowed at the hands of a corrupt state in league with a co-opted religious system? It was too surreal, too inconceivable, too horrible for them! But we can identify with how blown away they were, as they lived the agony of loss beginning the night He was betrayed, until He revealed Himself to them in the new form of His resurrected body. Acts 10:40,41 make it clear that He was not visible or recognizable to all, but only to those to whom He revealed Himself.

What if the current puzzlements are a replay so to speak?

What if these times likewise are the very hand of God as He leads the Bride and readies her, as She endures then, trusting that all the works of the devil are being removed as She is likewise simultaneously brought into the glorious state which is Her destiny in Her Bridegroom, to be made like Him and dressed in His righteousness? She goes with Him through the cross into resurrection and into glory!

What’s seen on the surface is intense, chaotic, puzzling tribulation. The ignominy of the Cross! Beneath it are the final stages are being wrought, by God’s own providential hand, the finished product of salvation. (See Romans 8:18-30.)

These are only concluding thoughts offered to spur our thoughts to consider a direction where they may not have gone before.