Aug. 5, 2020

We're Not History; We Make History

Is it time to pay attention to that creative, smoldering ember God put inside you, fan it into a living flame, and write your own story, so to speak? We should not regard ourselves as history, as "they" do, but as those who are fully capable of making our own history, innovation, color, harmony, and sound. What were we put in this world to do? How often do we dare to think about that?
This is meant as a word of encouragement for all of us who are sick and tired of the political reality show, of the rich and famous and so called powerful, and ALL the players, as well as the wearisome narrative they keep playing and pitching to those who keep focusing on it. I'd wager it's mostly propaganda. That's what they want, and it is disempowering to individuals and to our God bestowed creativity with which He has entrusted us. Have we become fearful watchers and not guardians of our own God given good?
I'm not speaking in terms of limiting it to art, music, and such as are normally labelled "creative." But everyone has been given gifts. Sometimes they need to be uncovered.
How about thinking in terms of stealing the show? What is some small step you can do today to stop feeding their narrative and energizing it, and energize your own? And then keep on taking steps. Think in terms of having been given something with which to bless and be a blessing to others.
Pray about it - keep on asking, seeking, and knocking, if you don't know. He invites us to ask for the Wisdom we need!