Aug. 15, 2020

Where's Your Gaze?

“When you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” ~Friedrich W. Nietzsche~
While not a fan of Nietzsche for sure, I'd guess he should have known from experience that this is the case, since he was a Nihilist, gazing into and promoting as "abyss-mal" a philosophy as can be. Yet this - the view of an unstable soul which succumbed to dementia at 44 (You have to wonder about that AND why it's so prevalent now) - seems to be the prevailing philosophical milieu of hopelessness that pervades the world, where some have no life beyond preoccupation with the self, which is their god (with all its Darwinian evolution baggage and the like), without Christ and without any hope of everlasting life.
I guess I took this track and posted the quote, thinking of it in terms of gazing into all the hopeless info on Facebook and other "social" media on the 'net. Being deprived of it by the lack of electricity for a few days this last week revealed that to not choose to "gaze into the abyss" of the "Internet of Things" needs to feature a great deal more in my daily life. It was majorly pleasant to do without it. You, dear reader, and I are now also regarded by the Technocrats who would rule the world as their "things" - an outgrowth I'm convinced of Nietzsche's Nihilism!
I'm reconsidering this "relationship" with the Internet. There are any number of people who are in what would be regarded as a bad human relationship, and they suffer because they are marginalized by another who is incapable of sensitivity, demeaning, beyond feeling, stuck on self. It is possible to also have a relationship with other things where there's no mutual reciprocity, but only use or abuse by that which regards itself as superior and another as inferior? I'd say that those who run their Internet of Things are as narcissistic as the aggressor (actively or passively so) in any bad relationship.
This is the view of Technocracy. They would be king. To them we are surfs, chattel, things. We may do well to consider no longer enabling the Technocrats by gazing into their abyss! Maybe it's time to kick the social media relationship habit to the curb too. 15-20 years ago, no one "needed" the Internet! A lot of someones created an invention that became the mother of need, as planned, and we bought in - hook, line, and sinker. Isn't that just backwards?!
Personally I think it's possible to return to real relationships. Maybe people are less human due to too much time gazing into the abyss, as it gazes back into them. We don't really need "Zoom" or Facebook or Messenger to talk to one another unless we are physically separated by many miles. But we keep buying in, and think it's so wonderful!!! Do we really need to stare into the abyss to behold one another's faces, all created in the image and likeness of God our Creator.
Maybe that's why they want us wearing masks and keeping our distance from one another: "FORBIDDEN CONTACT WITHOUT THE interFACE of Technocracy. You are ours. You have been assimilated!" It's right in our face, so to speak! It's our faces and our living physical bonds and closeness with one another that make us a Human Being, and that enhance our being human.
Could that be a threat to that which seeks to make us less than human? It can't be done without surrendering, without maybe even realizing it, to a hopeless Nihilism. I think this has a lot to do with why we're going down the flusher as a society.
The adversary comes to rob, kill, and destroy. Mostly it's done through subtle communications time after time through the mind. Easily accomplished by staring into the abyss.
Pause and prayerfully ponder, please ...