Sep. 30, 2020



inAUGURation: Is It For The Birds?

These are some musings, ramblings, questions, and explorations all tossed into one. This isn’t real refined, but I thought that maybe you, dear reader, would like to explore the trail with me. It’s a longer one than usual…

Don’t you find it interesting that the word “inauguration” has in it the word “augur” as its central feature? We don’t hear the word “augur” much in the 21st century, so, what is an “augur”?

In ancient Rome there were officials - augurs - charged with observing and interpreting omens for guidance in public affairs. The word can also be used as a verb which means to divine and predict omens, to conjecture from signs.

This practice, was originally done by way of observing the flight, behavior, patterns, or sounds of birds. This religious / occult practice was called “taking the auspices”, and went back to Greece, Egypt, and probably earlier. King Alasia of Cyprus was said to have sought “eagle diviners” from Egypt. As time went on, this was augmented by sacrificial divination through examining the liver of the sacrifice. That was called hepatoscopy.

It was all about discerning the will of the “gods” as to what course of action should be taken at the highest levels of government, or how the gods might be pleased to insure good crops, adequate rainfall, fertility, etc. This was the basic m.o. of all ancient pagan “wisdom” and how they ran their governments and lives. It was a form of divination, of which there are many.

The Biblical Law and prophets - Isaiah, for example, (approximately 740-686 B.C.) warned about this sort of divination of the Philistines which had been first systematized by the Chaldeans. The Bible refers to this sorcery, but also all other forms of divination, including the sacrifice and burning of their children in honor of Moloch, the use of divination and enchantment, etc. Leviticus 19:26, Deuteronomy 18:10,14. Isaiah 2:6. There are many more… 

Apparently this was rather widespread “priestcraft” throughout the ancient world, right up through Rome, which sought to please chiefly Jupiter’s will through the auger of birds, through “vitia,” or signs.

Words matter. So this begs the question about “inAUGURation,” a word still used to describe the event of the installation of high level government officials: Just how “elected” are they, or do we merely get a choice between 2 individuals who always seem to be the lesser of two evils, chosen by some still invoked method of augury - that seem to be more about the pleasing of the god of this world, the “prince of the power of the air.” (Deals with the devil?) 

Air is where birds fly, so would not they carry the messages of the “gods” inhabiting the regions “above”? We know there has, traditionally always been plenty of occult activity related to secular governments. But how “secular” are they really? Or have “lesser gods“ often been a part of decision making in government circles? (What? Isn’t religion supposed to be separated from politics? But I digress. Yet perhaps not.)

Another fascinating similarity is that around 300 B.C. Rome required 9 augurs. The SCOTUS has 9 Justices who make decisions and rulings. Some of which have been wildly ungodly in the last 40 plus years. Are they deciding based on reasoning and Law, or are there other “factors” of augury at play? In fairness, after that number 9 became the standard in Rome, there were times when the number of augurs fluctuated. But 9 is a heavy duty occult number, and is often associated with Mars, the Roman god of war. War has to do with territories and control and real estate, etc. Perhaps (my conjecture) that is why they chose 9 augurs, in honor of Mars - making expansion of territories through war and conquest, in the name of a “god.”

Could there be an association between the eagle of Rome - the great bird - and its employment as the symbol of the USA? What’s going on here? So, specifically, “ornithromancy” - reading the signs through birds - was invoked for all undertakings: political, public, and private. Might the eagle be the channel of Mars, as he soars high above all the other birds? Interesting food for thought.

After a time in Roman government, expertise in augury (“aug” means to prosper, increase) was required of senior ranking magistrates, military and civilian. Therefore these state positions were also religious offices

Here’s where it gets interesting, in my opinion. The founding of Rome was based on augury. In the later Republic, augury was supervised by a college of pontifices. Eventually there was one leading Pontifex Maximus. Caesar Augustus was one of these. The Pope sometimes is also referred to as well as the Pontifex Maximus. The pagan title sticks to the office to this day!

Is this why the Vatican, although the seat of the Roman Catholic religion, is also a city state of great influence, with ambassadors, and a seat at the UN? Has this “form" of doing things really ever left us, even in the 21st Century? This awakens some juicy questions. And directions down forbidden trails. Questions we’re not supposed to ask. Conclusions we are told we cannot draw… Oh?

In order for augury to be properly performed, there had to be sacred temple spaces that had to be square, with only one entrance, and purified according to certain rituals. The architecture was specific to the god being invoked.

And, lest we leave out the ladies, there was also in the Roman culture the College of Vestals, regarded as fundamental to the continuation and security of Rome and her interests. The Vestals - serving the goddess Vesta (or in Greek Hestia), goddess of hearths and homes - were usually selected by the Pontifex Maximus anywhere from the age of 6 to 10. They were under his authority and protection. They were celibate, virtuous, and virgin with a 30 year vow of chastity - after which they were free to leave the order and marry if they wished. They devoted themselves to study and correct observance of state rituals which were forbidden even to the colleges of male priests (and augurs). They were quite powerful and influential in the years prior to the Caesars. The College of the Vestals began early on about 717-673B.C. with King Pompillius. 

Their influence continued on with the Caesars who included them in all major events. They were highly respected and protected. They were attributed with magical powers and it was thought that the gods listened to their prayers more readily than to others’. They were diviners and wise women who were as highly respected as the augurs, and their duty was to tend the sacred flame of Vesta in their temple which was never to be extinguished. The Vestalium Maxima, greatest of the Vestals, oversaw the order. They had unusual rights and privileges, including the writing and safe keeping of wills and testaments. 

Vestal chastity was considered to have a direct bearing on the health and wellbeing of the Roman state, where if they engaged in sex, it was considered an act of treason punishable by being buried alive in an underground chamber with only a few days supply of food and water.

The Vestal order existed for over 1000 years! It was put out of existence by the Christian emperor Theodosius in about 394 A.D. This was after Emperor  Constantine legitimized Christianity as the state religion and forbade all others (pagan, gnostic) in the Empire. This was also the time when the Scripture Canon came to be, a hard fought victory within the Church! 

What a time of tumult that must have been! The augurs with their craft and the Vestals through their divination skills, obedience, and chastity supposedly kept order in the Empire, on behalf of the gods Jupiter, Mars, Vesta and the rest of the Pantheon. Paganism was being supplanted by Christianity - the Body of Christ, under Her Head Jesus Christ, to Whom was given all power in heaven and on earth.

But, I’m surmising here: What if the best form-ideas from the pagan world (specifically Roman forms, words, titles, ideas, and archetypes, etc) were “fused” into Christianity, and overtook the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a counter coup

Followers of the Way, the Truth, and the Life do not need vestments, or Roman style pageantry, a Pontifex Maximus, a non-scriptural Mary/Vesta with supernatural powers who gets prayers answered faster than the humble penitent who believes he or she cannot approach God on his own. (This is not a denial of the Virgin Birth, or to call Mary blessed, which is clearly taught in Scripture.)

All of that came to an end, along with the Jewish Temple systems and sacrifices when our sin was put to death on the cross - through the body of the God Man Jesus Christ, the One Who carried the fullness of the Godhead bodily in His human form - and Who was raised from the dead for our justification. When Christ died, the Way was made to go directly to the throne of Grace to receive all we need from our Father, God Who is Love! He will give the Holy Spirit to all who truly continue to ask, seek, and knock. There is no need for any sort of divination!

He came to us through Jesus Christ and revealed Himself. “If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father,” said Jesus. There is now no need for auguries or magical repetitive prayers and incantations, sacrifices, elaborate rituals, or the observance of days, and the like required to please Him, or to know His will or to receive His grace / His love! He has spoken to us by His Son Jesus, revealed to us through the Scriptures, and is revealed to our hearts by the Holy Spirit. He has come to redeem and to heal and to restore sinners, and by so doing to heal the world He gave to us from the beginning.

It is the meek - those surrendered to His transforming amazing grace - who will inherit the Earth.

It doesn’t belong to Mars or Jupiter. That too is for the birds!