Oct. 10, 2020

Naked Faces

Been doin' some thinkin'. "Oh no!," they cried!
And so, in spite of the fact that all these unconstitutional mandates were overturned in these parts of the woods up here in "the mitten," we're still going to need to be patient (yes, that's what I said) with process, and with those paralyzed with fear who are true believers in the plandemic and terrified at the sight of a naked face (including medical personnel and organizations). The conditioning exercise has been very successful, shall we say... It probably started in preschool; never mind the start of cv1984, so they don't get it. They just don't get it.
Not to mention the dozens of, for example, grocery store chains and other organizations which may be headquartered even in foreign countries! Globalists like Starbucks, etc. Do you think they will change their "no mask, no service" policies over the state of MI law changes? Here's where it's going to get dicey. Wait for it. What a mess. Personally, it's not worth a kerfuffle with a screaming masker who oddly chooses not to observe social distancing. (They cherry pick state rules - their god - just like some folks do scripture. And have very nasty attitudes.)
I wonder if Eisenhower saw THIS much craziness coming when he warned about the military industrial complex (globalism)?
Additionally, personally, it's sort of like this in my view. I know we're all supposed to be radically anti mask, in some minds. "If you're not refusing to wear a mask, you're not a patriot, and you're taking the mark of the beast." Well, friend, you pick your battles, and I'll pick mine. Read what you want into it. There are other perspectives, believe it or not. For example...
If someone lights up a cigarette inside my house, I will ask him to put it out. If he persists, he will leave. I'm also a stickler for guys taking their hats off inside my home - I grew up with the idea that one of the marks of a gentleman is that he removes his hat as a sign of respect inside another's home, in church, inside buildings generally. (Call me old fashioned. Frankly my dear, that invokes the Rhett Butler reply.) Some people ask guests to take off their shoes in their houses - I hate that! I have extremely sensitive feet. But it's their house, not mine. When I know I'm going to such a place, I take along my "Holy Ground Slippers", and ask if they mind if I wear those. Never had a refusal.
So when you're on someone else's property, you go by the "house rules". Sometimes that is the point. Fuss about it all you want. It is what it is. It used to be regarded as common courtesy.
Process and what used to be regarded (until the Burger King have it your way instant gratification mentality mode came to be) as Providence walked hand in hand. And it requires Patience.
Process. Providence. Patience.
This too shall pass.