Dec. 27, 2020

Shine In Our Hearts!

Bold Itlaicized by T. Austin-Sparks:
"God Hath Spoken". Chapter 4.
Comments below by yours tuly.
"God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ. (2 Corinthians 4:6 NIV)
"The principle of the New Covenant is a first-hand individual revelation of Christ as the knowledge of God in terms of glory in the heart of the believer. Every individual believer only comes into true Christianity by a revelation of Christ in his or her heart, so that the knowledge of Christ is all their own, and as real as when God commanded light to shine in darkness. But that is not all. That shining must be progressive. Christ is far too vast to be seen in more than minute degrees at any one time. The bulk of the New Testament is taken up with getting Christians to see what an immense realm it is into which they have come, and how they must go on... Christianity can only be kept living and fresh and full of impact as Christians are living in an ever-growing apprehension of Christ as the Holy Spirit reveals Him in the heart.
"This apprehension may only come as necessity is laid upon us by reason of suffering and trial. Capacity will increase by the stretching of suffering (see Hebrews 12, and read "child-training" for "chastening"). There is no succession in Christianity other than that of the revelation of Christ to the heart by the Holy Spirit. It is not a system to be perpetuated, but a Life to be possessed. The value of the Scriptures is that they contain depths and fullnesses which have never yet been fathomed; and when we speak of "revelation" we do not mean anything extra to them, but of that which is in them, but only known by the inward "writing" and "shining" of the Holy Spirit.... A thing can be in the Bible, and we can have read it a thousand times, but until the Holy Spirit makes it Life to us it will be unfruitful. Hence, there is a place and need for an inward revelation of the Word of God, and this is the only true succession. Nothing can be preserved alive through generations save as every one entering its realm does so on the basis of such a personal, inward, living, and growing revelation of the truth, so that the origin and beginning is constantly repeated in experience."
What makes the difference between dead religion and a living relationship with Christ? It is well summarized by 2 sentences from this post: "There is no succession in Christianity other than that of the revelation of Christ to the heart by the Holy Spirit. It is not a system to be perpetuated, but a Life to be possessed."
How little the Holy Spirit seems to get His just due, even though the creed is confessed of Him, "... Who with the Father and Son together is worshipped and glorified, Who spoke by the prophets..." Yet He is the One Who makes it all real to us!
That word "revelation" may trouble some people, as if to expect some sort of dramatic woo woo once in a lifetime moment. Ordinarily, however, it's FAITH gradually unfolding Christ to us more and more. Faith and growth and understanding and spiritual fruition can only come from the Holy Spirit through hearing the Word of Christ.
Lord, open our ears, and grant to your people such increase in our hearing You during these troubling times and as we enter 2021. Increase in us also Your own strength, the will, and wherewithal to pick up our cross and follow You, as we set our minds in heavenly places. Amen.

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