Jan. 11, 2021

The Current Disease Model


The current disease model is wrong!

What is shared here will be a summary of explorations I’ve been doing for the last 12 years. Many of these ideas, and those who support them, are being censored, banned from social media, and have also lost their livelihoods and reputations, and had their very lives threatened, as a result of standing up against the current false constructs which seem to run everything. Many truth revealing and practicing physicians have actually been killed. Much of this information also gets scrubbed from the Internet, and websites and other platforms advocating for the revealing of Truth are also shut down. This says one thing: that the Truth is upsetting the bottom line of this corrupt system of lies which runs the tech sector, politics, military, education, industries, medicine, entertainment, and yes religion to a great degree. Every system is infested with corruption, and blind to the reality we’re dealing with - to one degree or another. 

Therefore, it is imperative to not only expose this evil, but to engage a full on frontal assault on it by ferreting out and publishing the Truth, by whatever means God has granted anyone to express it! Whatever the cost.

So, on to some basics…

Detoxing the body is a vital part of its natural processes. When the body perceives threat (as in the form of newer electronic frequencies such as radio, television, radar, dirty electricity running through house wiring, computer and “device” radiation, and now the dangerous 5G frequency, chemtrails, GMO foods, fluoridated water, junk food, etc…) or has an overload of toxic waste, cells will throw off - or attempt to - these threats as cells excrete tiny particles called exosomes. 

These are a result of body processes to eliminate disease, not the cause of disease, which has been dubbed “viruses. However, allopathic medicine - mainstream system medicine - chooses rather to regard these DEAD particles (usually RNA) as living, disease causing enemies, rather than what they are: a natural part of the body’s processes of cleansing itself.

Consequently allopathic medical “choices” involve attacking the “disease” and often the body along with it (weakening and often killing it) with deadly petrol chemical based treatments, dangerous radiation, and surgical or other invasive procedures - rather than supporting the body’s natural processes with God given natural means. (These should be a last resort, if used at all. But they have foisted themselves into a monopoly.) In my opinion, they have caused more problems than they have solved, because “health care” has turned into a supporter of sick care, much of which it creates on a for profit basis. There’s little truth in it, because of where it came from (Think Rockefellers and their push to end every alternative view of medicine, in order to increase the profits of their petrol chemical cabal.) The deadly covid vaccine is being introduced as the latest rendition of this falsehood.

Our bodies are constantly trying - by God given built in means - to adjust to new threats, which have come at us as an avalanche in the last few decades, and on a new level (vaccines, forms of radiation / vibrational frequencies /nanotech). These are all pollutants. Our bodies are trying to detoxify themselves of things they have never dealt with before at an alarming rate. But the very processes by which our bodies do this has been demonized and called a “virus” infecting from the outside, when in fact these exosomes come from the inside of our bodies, which need to be supported in this process of detoxification, rather than being treated as the enemy

The process is accompanied by any variety of symptoms with a range of intensity, from sniffles, sneezes, and fever, all the way up to severe auto immune responses, autism, ADHD, cancer and even dementia. Many chronic conditions are only going to worsen if their sources are not removed. 

Not only do physical threat realities from a severely polluted world effect us adversely, but - because we are embodied souls and ensouled bodies - the severely polluted energies from falsehoods of all kinds effect us on the level of spirituality, mind, and emotions as well. Which creates DIS-ease!

Therefore, it’s been proposed, “Covid” is not a disease, but a response (to many of the foregoing barrage of new threats) of the body which casts off RNA particles called exosomes to detox and set itself up for healing. 

But instead of supporting that response, the human race is being offered a deadly pseudo “vaccine” which uses the modality of “transfection” - on a level never tried before - as the “answer” to the conditions that have been created by the corporate industrial sector. (Can you say “problem, reaction solution”?) 

Transfection is a procedure that introduces foreign nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) into cells to produce genetically modified cells! We cannot know where this is going. The human race is now regarded as guinea pigs for an experiment on levels never thought of before.

Years ago my job was on the line because of mandatory vaccines I refused - flu shots to be specific. I had to wonder, if these shots are so great, why are we being forced to take them under threat of unemployment, when they were voluntary before? If vaccines are so great, why are the the pharmaceutical companies so heavily invested in lobbying “our” representatives and funding their campaigns, to have laws made to protect them from lawsuits due to damages and death from their products? And not only are they “immune” from being sued; so are their distributors (allopathic medical systems, doctors, nurses - anyone who actually gives these shots)?

All these questions sent me down a rabbit hole to find answers. They brought me to the current realizations.

The natural processes of detoxifying and the healing that follows are being reversed, and a Genetically Modified Organism being made of human beings with the transfection processes of these vaccines, especially the new Covid vaccine rollout. They combine the tech sector and its nano particles with the pharmaceutical cabal’s finest concoctions, including aborted fetal cells! (Which is one huge reason why Christians ought to avoid this or any vaccine like the plague, because it is the real plague, with injected cannibalism)! Thus “boosters” will be required, with a view of the sabotage of God’s pinnacle of creation, the Human Race, and to defile it, to change it step by step.  While masks and social distancing will still be required as conditioning devices to keep everyone in line, and that’s all they’re good for, because they are useless against any actual particles as small as viruses.

How can anyone blindly trust such things, and even advocate for them, as they go on listening to the claims of mainstream media?

We have for over 100 years - thanks to elites like the Rockefellers - become blissfully ignorant of how our bodies work, as a natural part of God’s creation as they are capable of naturally detoxifying and healing themselves. This is also perhaps an adaptation process, as the threats are new ones. 5G rollout being the latest and greatest, where no tests have been made (just like the Covid vaccine being rolled out at “Warp Speed”, with Humans as the unwitting test subjects). Mention 5G in relation to the subject of Covid, and you will be thrown off social media. This is diabolical on so many levels that it makes one’s head spin. But it needs to be addressed.

Please riddle me this: What ever happened to the Nuremberg Codes? How is it that we’re being fast track guinea pigged for this vaccine, without our permission? 

This needs to be addressed by the churches, instead of a blind capitulation to it and support of it. It is disappointing and disconcerting that there is so little discernment of or warning about this. Rather, the churches bend over backwards to support and allow in the lies of the state. Why is that?

This is the “totalitarian tiptoe” which now has its foot in the door as it dictates how and when we can meet (masks, social distancing, not touching one another, no real fellowship, limited singing…), administer and receive the Sacraments, and the like. Our religious freedom is going right down the drain, in exchange for the bowl of stew which is state funding and the non profit status, which in my opinion, should never even be a consideration. The church has gone from a living organism (as Jesus intended, branches to Vine) to an organization which takes its orders from the state for the love of money, the root of all evil. And for this the piper surely will be paid at some point. Eventually. 

We need to repent. Yes, that requires big changes.

What Covid really is about is our bodies going into high gear to release pollutants of all sorts, including nanoparticles. Now, instead of using hydroxchloroquine (an old drug that worked now forbidden by the FDA), vitamin and mineral supplementation, clean foods, fresh air and sunshine and exercise, to support the body in its healing processes, this dangerous experimental vaccine is being foisted on us with ever increasing pressure, and other drugs and procedures which are of great risk - just to line the pockets of the likes of greed and power mongers like Bill and Melinda Gates and their ilk.

One should ask why we should even listen to them, or Tedros from the WHO, or Fauci, or Birx, or any of these people - when they have essentially a rap sheet of associations with unsavory characters and shady dealings decades long! For the most part they are supporters of eugenics and population control, and they will use this vaccine to accomplish it.  

Ask the Africans and the Indian people how much they respect Gates for his "polio vaccine”, which killed, sickened, and maimed thousands, as it permanently sterilized many women. Not just for one generation, but for generations to come - because of tampering with the life codes God gave us to reproduce through vaccines! How is it that someone with no medical degree is given this much power in the world?

When people so called “test positive” for Covid, they’re not contagious at all. Their bodies are casting off toxic waste from other sources and forces that have created a threat to the body! The test was not even designed for this! The more the cycles are ramped up, the more false positives register. This entire operation is a sham and a scam. 

If the PCR test detects anything at all, it’s the dead exosomes / tiny RNA particles being excreted by the body as it detoxes itself. The body then needs to be supported in its processes, not assaulted as in the war model of allopathic medicine, nor genetically modified - the goal of the Gates / Pfizer / Moderna new “vaccine” pitched to the unsuspecting for the corrupt power and money lust of the world! We need to see this for what it is, not get in bed with it!

For ignorance of this, the entire economy and most of the world has been shut down and locked up under house arrest. Is it any wonder the elites don’t want the truth of this coming out, as the goal of almost complete technocratic control is now just about complete? They have used this whole event to render docile almost the entire population of the world.

I for one cannot and will not support any religious organization which goes in this direction. It pains me to have to say that, but my choice is to serve God in spirit and in TRUTH, not capitulate to the dictates of a corrupt state, i.e., the military industrial complex (including congressional puppets of the pharmaceutical industry, as in local career congresspersons whose campaigns they fund), or a church which serves it to keep its government funding.

This agenda has everyone doing headstands and cartwheels for essentially a nothing burger. But we should be aware of the degree of lies and corruption that are running things at this point, and expose them.

“Test and prove what pleases the Lord. Have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.” Ephesians 5:10-12. 


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