Mar. 31, 2021

Covidanity Or Christianity?

To whom it may concern:                                   

1 John 3:16. NKJV. “We know love by this, that He laid down His life for us; and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers and sisters.”

Proverbs 14:12. NKJV. “There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death." 

These 2 passages have been chosen as openers to what needs to be addressed in this message. Why? The first one - and others very similar to it - are being used by the Covid obsessed eugenics movement as a means to gain the buy in of churches to bring about a way that seems right to a man, but is the way of death. What is being allowed now, with ad campaigns and the like, displays a lack of spiritual discernment in the churches, who seem ever increasingly to move toward the “gospel of Covid” and being “saved” (temporally) by deadly vaccines from a non existent pandemic, and away from the Gospel of the Kingdom revealed in and by Jesus Christ.

Covid exists? Yes. Pandemic? Questionable. Propaganda? Most assuredly.  The first 2 depend on the 3rd to have a government response that demolishes life and livelihoods to the degree that has been allowed. 

These statements many seem over the top. However, if we are praying for the Holy Spirit and discernment, we are not going to be fooled, by a way of death that seems right on a number of fronts. Here’s the m.o.

Love and compassion are now deceptively being pitched to get the buy in of many religious authority figures to influence people who are listening to them to take the jab. It works like this: “You are not a very loving and compassionate person, looking out for your fellow human being, or those you love, if you don’t take the shot. If you are not praying for the success of the vaccine campaign and availability in your area, you are not a good Christian. If you are not praying for the end of the (non-existent) pandemic, you are not doing your duty.” Actually what we should be praying for is the end of government overreach in this entire affair.

This guilt trip propaganda is being hammered to the hilt by people who care nothing for Jesus Christ or His Church or its real mission. Let’s get it straight at the outset that we’re being played like a fiddle if we buy in. The millions of false positives on testing do not amount to “cases,” let alone a pandemic. Not to mention the tests which were never designed for this use. There are too many conflicting inflated statistics about cases and death from Covid, while many deaths and disability numbers from the shot are being swept under the rug to keep the fraud going. This is, in my opinion, a massive psy op.

The shot is experimental and its willing recipients are the guinea pigs. Is this the “informed consent” which anyone would need to give for any other medical procedure? And why would anyone in their right mind allow themselves to be used in an experiment for which they never gave their permission, to test an experimental drug, being fast tracked by politicians driven by their friendly funders, the vaccine industry, driven by greed and competition? 

Don’t we have the Nuremberg Codes to address this kind of activity? This experimentation is a crime against humanity, many of whom naively who allow fear and deception to be used to manipulate them.

And how is it that anyone - in the line of research and development, marketing, or distribution, all the way down to the local healthcare provider, nurse, or medical assistant giving you the shot - cannot be sued if you or a loved one is injured, maimed, becomes ill, is permanently disabled, or dies from the jab?

So if you suffer from it, look up VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). That is your “best shot” at compensation, but considering how it is government run, also a long shot. 

This is a disturbing reality overlooked in the thinking of many, and it is being used against not only all of humanity in general, but the Church in particular. Christ said we should be harmless as doves, but He also advocated for being wise as serpents. In order to do that, you have to learn to think like one! Stealth. Cunning. Look beneath the surface of what you’re being told.

This would not be the first time churches and religious organizations have been tapped to market, and eventually sell, vaccines for the Pharmaceutical industry. This is tragic that it should happen at all in the church! That even flu shots or any vaccine should be offered by churches is a travesty!

Vaccine used as tyranny through the Church happened in Mexico after the Christero Revolution (which was unfortunately defeated when Communism took over), where there were instances where people were not allowed to leave Sunday morning mass unless they took a vaccine! They were trapped. Think about that! Think it cannot happen here? Look at the trends as the Covid mindset and conditioning establishes its beach head in the churches, by way of the totalitarian two step. It’s incremental, in other words. And the push is global, not just a few churches in one small area.

This long history of vaccines and their use for civil and religious oppression ought to make us really question the Covid movement and how its vaccine - which is really not a vaccine in the true sense anyway, but a genetic manipulation modality pitched as a vaccine - is being little by little foisted upon the global population. Why is it now that “Covid passports” are increasingly being demanded for public transportation, or to gain access to something so simple as a a store or a concert? But a mask is still required and social distancing. Or maybe 2 masks. Or, no, just one, but… wait…?… “Papers, please!” All this amounts to is social conditioning with an incremental view to full spectrum dominance across the globe! What next?

No, it’s not mandatory now, per President Trump and his Operation Warp Speed. But life soon will be made difficult, if not impossible, to have needs met by those who recognize the direction and will not comply. So - Is this going to amount to “Unless you take the mark, you cannot buy or sell”? If it’s not “the mark of the beast," it will do until the mark gets here!

A major feature that comes to mind - as to objecting to this vaccine - is that, although a couple of the jab options do not contain fetal stem cell lines in the offered injectable cocktail, all of them have used these in testing, research, and development - as well as painful experiments on still living aborted fetuses, many of which were delivered by Caesarian Section, in order to harvest fresher tissues and even organs, in a time sensitive process, to contribute to the fast tracking of this heinous “treatment.” (Look up Life Site News video called A Hill Worth Dying On.) This makes what happened in the Nazi death camps look like a walk in the park. This includes other vaccines as well, not just the Covid one.

And the global abortion mill has been running for nearly half a century!!! How many deaths at 2000 per day? If that’s not a holocaust, what is? And Christians will allow an injection to be placed inside them which depends on this?!

But many Christians do not know this because instead of asking questions and doing their own research about vaccine contents, or the so called pandemic, they will look to “authority figures” like the evening news anchors, Anthony Fauci and other unelected globalist figures, or President Trump and his “Operation Warp Speed” because they are his fans. Or many will not bother at all to question, but will go along to get along with anything and everything government tells them, and because their friends and families are also compliant.

Promoting and praying for any program which uses the unborn in its research processes should be morally reprehensible to any true Christian! Not to mention in one case the use of “humanized mice cells.” The ungodly techno - pharmaceutical vaccine industry promoting this will use Christian beliefs and compassion against us to get what they want - control of resources, power over human populations, and unimaginable wealth. The devil’s agenda and m.o. have not changed since the Fall - full spectrum domination over humankind. Make no mistake about it. Evil exists. And it is truly EVIL! God’s power is greater, but our prayers ought to be in alignment with His will, not the devil’s!

There are billions of dollars at stake, and human lives experimented upon and lost or maimed for life (especially the unborn who cannot speak for themselves) are merely “acceptable collateral damage” to maintain the bottom line of the vaccine industry and their well funded puppet politicians, the CDC, WHO, etc - whom they use to implement “acts,” “guidelines,” and “recommendations” - which somehow always morph into “laws” through dictators like our governors and other officials, or simply by repetition and re-enforcement by businesses that buy in. There are many examples. This includes local politicians who proudly announce how they “rolled out” these programs beginning last December 2020. Everyone  should ask himself, who do these people really work for?

The encroaching agenda they represent is as deadly as the Nazi death camps or Russian gulags of the past, if not more so, as it is a global “initiative” for complete control, and these vaccines are a huge part of it. It is part of a multi level war on mankind waged largely by stealth and coercion. 

This is quite frankly a covert genocide program for global depopulation that serves the equally as dubious “green movement” which pitches global warming, control of carbon emissions, and the like. Humans are at fault for this, they say, so they must be eliminated. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, would agree.  This is also the agenda of Bill Gates whose family has a long and shady history of interests in population control and many other deadly dubious dealings. There’s plenty of info out there on this guy’s history. Equally nefarious are the connections of Fauci, Birx, and “Dr” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (head of WHO) - all of whom are deeply invested in Eugenics, Globalism, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and all connected to one another on various levels in regards to draconian movements past and present. All well concealed of course.

Clearly their connections to the abortion “industry” explain why Planned Parenthood NEVER gets defunded or shut down!

That churches and their leaders who are silent or complicit with this display lack of information, or a remarkable naivety, or lack of spiritual discernment, or a willingness to cover up the facts, leaving their sheep exposed to the machinations of the worst of wolves, or leading them right into the pack! 

Or (one hates to take this tack) might this silence even have some connection to funding received from the corrupt state to bolster perhaps faltering religious institutions, or the enjoyment of unchallenged social notoriety for being in support of this? I’d like to chalk it up to simple unawareness. 

But why - when there is so much information out there, and the voices are numerous but regarded by the system as trouble makers? Voices which are often now being silenced and censored, as they bring forth the facts about Covid and its vaccines. This should make anyone wonder what it is that the powers that be don’t want exposed.

It’s disheartening to walk into church on a Sunday morning only to witness conversations where there is a lot of virtue signaling about getting that 2nd shot, mask wearing, roping off pews for social distancing, swabbing down the place in ways I never saw when working 4 decades in the OR, or seeing signs flashing on the big screens “Stay 6 feet apart” - as if people already didn’t know this?!!! And just as we’re going to partake of the Lord’s Supper. I keep wondering if I’m walking into some restricted nuclear base or Area 51 with this kind of messaging! It is frankly insulting in the worship house of God our Father! Do we fear Covid more than we fear God?! We cannot touch. We cannot see each others’ faces.

Maybe it’s time, as it was in the early church, to once again “head for the desert,” in manner of speaking. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound / disciplined mind. Maybe we ought to use that sound mind (the mind of Christ!) and do some research. Let this stand as my “95 Theses.” Has not Christ also charged us to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them”? Ephesians 5:11.

“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.” ~Aleksander Solzhenitsyn~

I realize I’m not “anybody” of any sort of influence. I have no official capacity or paid position, or formal authority in the Church. My path has been a rocky one. But I have a heart that seeks after truth and to be able to communicate it in an honest manner. I find it shocking that the Covid agenda has been allowed to go this far. We need more Martin Luthers, or other reformer voices, Dietrich Bonhoeffers, and others, or just plain folks willing to talk or write or communicate in some way - who will say no, refuse to partake of this crime against humankind by shutting down or limiting their worship, and who do not bend the knee to “Baal” by letting him dictate how we receive communion, or disallowing the exchange of peace, handshakes and hugs because of  fear of germs! It’s a good thing Jesus never acted like that toward those He came to heal. Because once you give Satan an inch, he is going to take a mile. And he won’t give it back.

Additionally, I cannot support or approve of any school which insists on little children being masked all day. Living across from a school, I witness this practice constantly. The psychological, emotional, and physical damage being done by masking children will eventually rear its ugly head, and is far worse than what amounts to a cold with an attitude, or flu like symptoms, in healthy adults. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Geert Vanden Bossche, and Dr. Judy Mikovits (look up her documentary Plandemic) are very well known researchers and physicians who go beneath the party line surface pitched to the public, and into the real research and facts about vaccines in general. The movie Vaxxed by Del Bigtree and Dr. Andrew Wakefield brings out the corruption and conflict of interest of the CDC (owning numerous vaccine patents) and how they cover their tracks. These folks ask the hard questions. Especially on the Covid shot. They have been demonetized and demonized by the vaccine industry and its official government mouthpieces and organizations, as well as being censored and having their platforms removed by Big Tech. There are many others less known, who likewise suffer, too numerous to list here. If anyone wants to know the truth, just consider who’s being demonized and de-platformed. Follow those people. Study up on Technocracy, how long it’s been around, and where it’s going.

There are answers and perhaps a turn round to this unfolding catastrophe,“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14. NKJV. Our land needs healing as it never has before as only God can give. Who will arise as the light in Christ, commissioned by our Lord to shine in this darkness? We are after all waging war not against flesh and blood but against unseen forces of darkness! This conflict will not be won through compromise and complicity, but rather the flaming sword of Truth.

Thank you for taking the time to seriously consider this information.

Only A Messenger