Feb. 14, 2017

Passionate Warrior

No longer fair of face or form,
a solitary, lonely guardian peers
into the gathering darkness;
while from the lonely, stony heights,
and braving the approaching storm,
the passionate warrior stands
and braves the biting winds and cold,
and feeling every fear, deciding to be bold.

With vicious, biting winds the onslaught comes
and stinging, icy, deadly rains;
yet stands he pierced, still firmly planted,
while renouncing countless wounds and pains.

A dark host follows on its heels,
a hoard of shadow, lightning, clouds, and thunders,
foreboding fierceness foul reveals all manner
of deceit and lying wonders.

Unyielding to appearances,
he from his post will not be put asunder,
for in the heights of glory knows he
where his spirit dwells -
in spite of anguish, sorrow,
or the devastations of a thousand hells.

© Only a Messenger