Aug. 20, 2022

Please Police Me

Please police me, spy on me;
O Great Reset Technocracy;
To think I used to be alone!
Police me, and watch me here at home.

Please police me everywhere;
Go through my clothes, my underwear.
Please plant a wire in all my things;
Police me - what happiness it brings.

Please police me through the shades.
Surprise me with those pre dawn raids!
I know it’s for the greater good.
Police me, just like you said you would.

Please police me; watch my moves,
Stake out my house - that really grooves!
Can’t waste my life on liberty;
Police me; it’s never about me.

Please police me; spy on me;
You’ve got big time technology;
My privacy is such a sin;
Police me, and please stop by again.

© Celestial Nomad