Nov. 11, 2020

UnReal Estates

Thoughts On An Ordinary Veteran's Day...
Of course the trolls, scammers, and spammers are going to join me we, meow meow, bow wow, boo hoo... and all the rest of the new kids from the social media 'hood!' It's already started - judging from all the complaining going on. So soon? They're all powered by Google. It takes shiploads of money and powerful backing to start these things, and if you think Facebook got launched from someone's mother's basement, guess again.
It's the internet, people. The "final frontier" of cyber space. Did you come looking for safe space somewhere? I'll see if I can bring you some hot cocoa, crayons, and a teddy bear when you find it.
Got the same feeling about all this movement - the great internet social media diaspora if you will, the great exodus - as I had last March, if you recall what happened then. Social distancing and social media have a cozy relationship, shall we say, but they try to keep it... masked. Someone outside the herd is making the herd move even more now. Run! Run! They know where you went. Your cyber signature has left its trail everywhere. Right alongside your carbon hoof print. What?
Herd? Where I come from it was considered very rude to refer to human beings as a "herd." UnHERD of. As it should be.
Waste of time to find a new squatter space, IMO. But the powers that wannabe sure like to keep everyone focused on their hosting platforms, wasting precious time moving on, signing up, and making new lists of "friends". I'm not saying this because anybody pays me to, as in being covertly in favor of censorship in social media. The cyber street gangs will follow you into the 'burbs, so to speak, or wherever you go. The grass may not be greener on the other side of your "Wall" as you find yourself moving on again.
It's just that this ol' gray mare has been pulling the wagon around the park long enough to know how a lot of things work, and that, if the right buttons get pushed, most people go into fight or flight mode. On some level. They spook easy, as horse people say.
Don't you miss real reality? Oh, I forgot, most of you aren't old enough to have actually lived anywhere but cyberspace through that device in your hand, so I guess you can't miss anywhere you haven't lived. What a shame.
But I do pray you'll find it. Some call it Paradise Lost. A little ways off. Only a byte or two.

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