Nov. 21, 2020

Riddles And Puzzles

Covid is a scam. Biggest one ever pulled on humanity. Gov't wants to turn churches and other charitable organizations into another Blubber King, with a "drive through option" for holiday dinners. News flash: People need warmth, fellowship face to face, and human touch as much as they need food. Time to put on our real face, take off the masks, and get to living and loving others again. Stop buying into the fear porn that you're going to kill grandma with a virus. Our veterans and nursing home folks locked away in solitary confinement need the love of their families, which they have not had in nearly a year! And people who have little or nothing need to be in contact with people who care in real time, not this virtual baloney, or on a drive through basis. This thing is going to be milked until Gates gets his DNA altering pseudo vaccine out in the public. And current POTUS backs it all the way with Operation Warp Speed. Well, here's a thing. Warp Speed needs to stand down to impulse power, if not full stop. Wake up! Wise up! Why does no one see the connection to what Trump intends to do with this? Elites always looking out for one another. Deceivers and con artists all. But this one's got the backing of most of the "Zionist Evangelicals."