Nov. 23, 2020

Is The Green New Deal...

... Going To Wind Up Being Soylent Green?

If I see one more post supporting the corona virus hoax, wearing masks, and advocating for everything that's gone down in the last year regarding it, I am going to explode.

Actually, I'll explode now. Be careful, be safe, be this, be that. Oh, please. Be informed, and stop buying into the madness. So far no one has actually scientifically identified this thing.

Secondly, the testing is inaccurate and generating more false positives than most can imagine, as well as death rates. Everything about this is characterized by an incredibly disturbing haziness about it! Remember, God is not the author of confusion.

Third, the Marxists trying to overtake the USA (and the entrie rest of the free world as well) need this as a conditioning tool because masking and social distancing demoralize the population and make people easier to control. The more frontal approaches used on populations in the past, who were used to monarchs and other authoritarian governance doesn't work well on Americans in particular.

When in past has a "pandemic" been used to make people stop going to church, dictating how we worship or have Sacraments, disrupting fellowship and everything else that makes life worth living, destroying much needed togetherness, businesses, lives, and the economy generally? When has it been so important to deprive nursing home residents and Veterans of much needed visits from their families - so that they experince solitary confinment and many die alone?! Thanks to Marxists governors' unlawful and unconstitutional over reach...

Think about that. Start asking questions, instead of going along to get along.

Just look. Observe. Comprehend. It's the Human thing to do.

Here's something for you to read, an excellent article by Jon Rappoport - while you're engaged in the foregoing challenge.