Dec. 13, 2020



Certain outer trends indicate the need to carefully observe directions of certain involvements, as far as continuing in them. The inner sense of it is that some things, or even relationships, may wind up being a trap, although they may have been "good" and "right" in the past. Things become corrupt. People and organizations are easily compromised in these times. What they may have been, they may not be now; and if we cling to our impression of what once was, there’s a good chance of being deceived.

We are entering into turbulent waters where that inner compass may need to be heeded, along with the pure Word of God, indeed the only reliable guidance - a sense of things which has been dulled by deception, experts, authorities, traditions, and "devices" which have long been in process of supplanting that interior reality and that pure word, the Presence of the Word / Holy Spirit and the written word, confirming each other. The development of this discernment will be of utmost value as the times unfold.

God has given us the map - His Word. He has also given those whom He has called and who love Him His interior "HGPS" - the Holy Ghost Positioning System, the inner compass. The inner word is not reliable without the outer word, and vice versa. Both must be in place and in agreement.

"But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil." Hebrews 5:14. There comes a point, where things get corrupted and convoluted. Hopefully our spiritual formation is in readiness for the challenges ahead! 

These days good is called evil, and evil good. Today’s rendition of “good” is usually marketed in terms of being "safe." It is a subtle thing. And nothing could be further from the truth that certain things are safe and reliable.

Pray for discernment. Pray for wisdom. Pray and stay in the Mind of Christ - walking circumspectly and in humility.


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