Dec. 22, 2020



First came the plandemic with massive shutdowns to destroy small businesses and economy. Government stimulus checks came, dangling the bait in front of people, dribbling a little something into pockets by printing funny money, and seems more like conditioning toward ever more dependence on Big Government.

Then comes phase 2, and smack! They do it again. Got everybody right where they want them. They create the problem and then have a handy dandy solution pre prepared: "Let's give them a bigger stimulus. A little token to make them think we're on their side." (WHO'S PAYING FOR ALL OF THIS??? The country's broke!)

Here's a news flash: Open up the doggone country!!! End this false flag ccpviru$, being opportunistically used to cripple everything. Open up small businesses. Let people manage their own lives!

All we're seeing is the formation of new masters of the global plantation. They're after complete control, and the stimulus is conditioning toward that end, getting everyone ready for that "guaranteed income" you may have heard about.

Whoever offers the biggest bowl of stew in exchange for your birthright (freedom) comes off as your friend. Beware. Call me crazy if you like. Wouldn't be the 1st time. Watch closely at this sleight of hand. Anytime somebody offers money, it's bait.

There are no free lunches with the "deal makers."