Jan. 22, 2021

Write It


Evenings are a time for letter writing. Some things are said more effectively by one's own hand, in cursive.

Handwriting carries a lot of one's personality and nature. This is likely the chief reason it is no longer taught in public schools, run by those who would make everyone part of a Borg like hive mind. More achievable than ever given current technologies.

Understand what's going on. If your kids don't know how to sign their name, they are functionally illiterate and out of touch with themselves. Notice too how art and music events are now "nonessential." Creativity is despised by these entities. They cannot create but only live to rob, kill, and destroy.

I do not think they are in charge of themselves, but would indeed be led to believe that they can be in charge of the whole world. This is demonic, and they are spiritually POWs.

Wake up and smell the coffee. There are forces desiring to enslave the whole world, long in place since the beginning. Read the Scriptures, and understand what happened, and why the Lord Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God had to shed His blood to redeem you. It is a longer and less simplistic story than most believe. All of this ties in from the beginning of time leading up till now. What is happening is no accident.

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