Feb. 16, 2021

The Oily-garchy


Here's a possible "conspiracy" theory that has “formed in my awareness.” Hmm. Imagine that. Do with it what you want, but here it is. 

The same people some refer to as the "oily-garchs" (petroleum and chemical energy Q'bal) are possibly - to save their backsides because their global hegemony is disappearing - now shifting their focus to "green" energy under the Technocrats, the up and comers. They want to stay on as part of the big club you and I ain't in (as George Carlin put it). (Ghastly English, but it gets the point across.) And stay they will, with a different "mask". 

Many of the same players and their industrial dynasties will go on in a different direction while phasing out how they used to make their money, while hitching their pony to the wagon of the "green" and "tech" sector. It's not their style to just fade away into the sunset while the sunrise of a new age appears in the East (if you get my drift). If anything, they're part of orchestrating it.

So there's the push for hybrid and/or fully electric vehicles, those big windmills, solar this and that, etc. Gas prices are steadily going up too because they're trying to force the green new deal and discourage using petrol, traveling (Papers, please! No vaxy, no travel), except of course for gas guzzling private jets for the rich and famous. Or having heat in your home or air conditioning. That's only a tiny part of it. 

On it goes with shutting down the petrol pipelines, getting rid of coal, natural gas, oil, and a few humans as "acceptable collateral damage” so to speak, etc. So here we go again, with imported petrol. For how long? Or maybe that's just part of the narrative to keep everyone guessing? Who knows? 

Isn't progress fun?

It's that wonderful "great reset" for THEIR next planned phase for Planet Earth, and they don't care who they hurt or kill - the less people the better in fact. 

But rest assured, the same fat cats will remain on but with different plans and better badder ways to make bigger bucks. It's how they and their families operate and have for who knows how long. 

Eisenhower warned way back (early 60s?) about the military industrial complex. It would seem that now it's morphed into the Military Industrial Congressional Technological Pharmaceutical Complex. 6 or 7 decades later. "You have been warned. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated." ... 

Um, not so fast. Maybe, maybe not.

One might want to ask where “they” get their instructions and plans which in some ways seem simply… so far beyond the IQ of just "elected" Democrats or Republicans, or the Big Club.

Just sayin’.


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