Feb. 18, 2021


"There is far too much easy familiarity with the Most High. Thank God we can come into His presence with holy boldness through the blood of Christ. But that should never lessen our reverence and godly fear." (Martyn lloyd Jones)
Symptoms: As in I drag myself into church with a big Starbucks, or sweet iced drink dripping sweat all over the pews in my right hand, while scrolling on my phone with the left, where's the reverence? As I chit chat loudly with friends instead of preparing my heart prayerfully to hear God's word and to worship, where's the reverence? Since sermon is the time for me to check social media and see who likes me instead of listening and thinking, where's the reverence? Or the respect for one's pastor who spent hours preparing it? As I stroll up to Holy Communion dressed like a tart in ways that make men's minds wander, where's the reverence? (And where are the parents who let this happen, since it's usually young girls who get away with this?)
The question these days is, What ever happened to reverence? I realize that, while "church" as a place to be on Sundays may not be the biggest issue in all of "Christendom," the manner of being in it - physically present but spiritually detached - certainly is an indicator of a flat lining of life signs in the church.
If we're like this in church, what are we like in our approach to the world and one another? No reverence or respect for God or one another? Or is it that we don't have a close enough relationship with God so that we actually know Who He is?
"SympTombs". This begs the question, is it time to let the dead bury their dead, and "head for the desert"?

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