Mar. 23, 2021

One Puppeteer, Two Strings


Truth hurts. I hate to break it to the Trump fans, but he was the one who started this Operation Warp Speed rush to get untested "vaccines" used experimentally on an unsuspecting public in Dec 2020. AFTER earlier on he had claimed he was taking and supporting the use of HCQ - a very good cure that hasn't hurt anybody in the many decades of its use. Then he flip flopped. My opinion is he's as wishy washy as any of them, including Fauci. I'm no Biden fan, but I have never fully trusted Trump either. Sorry, if that offends anybody. But all the high roller billionaires and elites play at the same table. Their passions drive them - whether it's money, power, or sex. Just sayin'. That's how things work in this world, which is enslaved under the power of the evil one. Those who seek a place of notoriety in it have already taken the mark. What's going on now has its etiology in several thousand years of spiritual "Babylonian" domination, in its many forms. This is why I refuse to engage in party politics.