Mar. 30, 2021

Rant Alert!

Attend virtual this; attend virtual that; what a bunch of crap. Yes, I said that. Get over it.
Will there be life after virtuality? Nothing virtuous about virtuality.
Can't touch. Can't see each others' faces. Sickening pictures of moms with masks gazing down at their newborns (the ones lucky enough to be allowed to live). Their 1st impression of life is mom's face. And THIS is what they get?
Why? Because a handful of demonically "inspired" pseudo scientists want to disgrace the image of God and his desire to restore His likeness that the human face represents. They want us to regard each other as dirty and diseased. What we are is controlled!
Everybody hating everybody else because whites supposedly have privilege and black lives supposedly don't matter. Divide and conquer. Vaxed against unvaxed. Everybody on the offensive because they're being brainwashed as to what they should be offended about.
Suicides, domestic abuse, and depression off the charts. More dead from that than the fauxdemic. Fascist Technocrat psychos want to determine reality for human beings and play God. Hasn't worked in any of its forms in the past. Won't work now. Unless of course you're of a mind that divide and destroy is a good idea.
We need to stop this dead in its tracks and stop buying into the fear porn and start living, instead of going along to get along. If you think this is OK, you are part of the problem. This is insane. What makes you think it's gonna work? What in blazes has happened to us in a little more than a year?!!! Do you ask that, or just go along with it.
If that's OK with you, go back to sleep.
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