May. 4, 2021

Info Insanity

I have to stay off the newsfeed on social media, all mainstream news, and a whole lot of "alt" news too for awhile. Maybe forever. Ignorance is what's epidemic. And contagious to those unprotected by well developed ability to think and reason.
Even with that, it is sooooo tiresome! It is time to move on to being productive and creative again.
Deception is right behind ignorance. Stop looking to corporatized medicine, their puppet politicians, and their NGO affiliates to "save" you with their paltry "trust the science" memes, which are the biggest part of the problem, the very head of the beast system. They are killing you off while experimenting on you, and there you are virtue signaling how wonderful that is and how proud you are to be part of it.
After all, "It's your patriotic duty, for God's sake." Said he in the by INVITATION ONLY address to the Congress the other night.
Think about that. There were only the select invited, to something which has always been for all the Congress being addressed / informed by the POTUS. But not this time... It's been reported that during this address, the uninvited portion of the Congress were not even allowed into their offices in the building!
No, Mr. FauxTUS. It's neither patriotic, nor is it for God's sake. I'd be really careful, if I were you, invoking His name over this deceptive diabolical debacle.
C'mon, man.