May. 23, 2021

A Conspiracy Of Creativity

Anxiety is bottled up creativity.
If you are creative in any way, give yourself the opportunity to be creative. Art, music, growing things, writing, crafts, needlework... whatever it is you love to do and it helps you thrive. GO FOR IT!
God gave that interest or talent to you to help keep you healthy. Yes! What's good for your soul is good for your body, as we're embodied souls and ensouled bodies. And what we share of that is good for others too.
This last year and a half has been disastrous for so many people because they have been bottled up. We've let ourselves be pulled into a focus that is incredibly unhealthy, even if we mean for it to be just about truth. I get all gnarled up in stuff, so I have to just pull away... And every time I go back, I just need to pull away again toward the blessed and the beautiful.
Whatever will happen, will happen with or without me. We can care too much sometimes.
Beauty matters too! Make some however you can. The more you provide, the more supplies last!


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