Jun. 30, 2021

Facing The Dragon

Just remember, dear readers. When they come for your Bible, they always take out all the literature, the music, and the art along with it - all that is blessed and beautiful and wholesome - anything that makes for a worthwhile, aesthetic and creative life.

Communism, Fascism, Socialism, and Technocracy are satanic paradigms disguised as "atheist." It is therefore against all the blessed and the beautiful things because it is aligned with the Destroyer and driven by lunatic level rage, hatred, envy, and vitriol against anything creative and good, especially God and His Church. It is also often subtly deceptive.

So if you think that worshipping Satan (or anything that is allied with him) is cool, you've been made a fool. I've watched people I care about go down the rabbit hole of New Age, Indigenous religions, Shamanism, Paganism, so called Interfaith, and whatever else is out there - it's not a harmless choice; it's flat out demonic and you've been deceived (been there, done that myself), although you may be a very "nice" person at this point.

Thanks be to God for praying souls who lifted me up to our God and Savior Jesus Christ!

It is heartbreaking to see where this has landed them. I pray for their souls. (You know who you are, if you happen to be reading this.)

It is also heartbreaking to see religious leaders opening themselves up to this at the highest levels... or were they false shepherds, wolves in sheeps clothing, in the first place?

Time will tell. But if anyone thinks "old normal" is coming back, get over it. It's gone. We're going to have to face the dragon. Undisguised. His mask has seriously slipped. As he works up a head of steam.

Politics and politically correct social movements are not the answer. They are symptoms of a deep and insidious spiritual problem afflicting and festering in the fabric and being of all of mankind.

The only answer is in Jesus Christ. He says, "Follow Me."

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