Aug. 21, 2021

Short Notice

Notice. That's all. Just notice. Put that enchanting device down. Leave it home and notice.

Turn off the TV, for the tell-a-vision is not weaving you a vision harmonious with your God given life.

Notice your environment. Look up at the sky. Look at it at night. See it in broad daylight. See what's different. Compare.

Notice the water in your glass. Does it look different than it did yesterday? What's changed? Keep track.

Do your moods or feelings change? Does it correlate with anything in particular? Notice. Perceive. Break the spell, for that's what it is. We are being talked out of our reality by sleight of hand and illusion spinning techno-pharmaceuticals.

Wake up and notice.

Just notice.

You are a Human Being, made in the Image and Likeness of your Creator, not a human resource, let alone an experiment!


Scary, isn't it?