Aug. 25, 2021

Authority: by Hook or by Crook(s)?

This may be a little bit off the beaten path of this "common taters'" usual, but here goes...
Interesting where the rabbit hole led today: What constitutes legitimate authority? Perhaps this rabbit hole may be better described as a sinkhole to the bottomless pit. Wow! It is very dark down here!
Rediscovered were reminders that:
1) Many of the Non Government Organizations (NGOs) that allegedly "govern" you and me are just that - non government. (This is in the USA. How it is abroad, I know not.)
2) Consequently they are not elected by We The People. Thus we have not bestowed authority on them via our votes or any other legitimate Constitutional means to "rule over" us as "public servants". (Was that an oxymoron?) The way things are rolling out, it begs the question whether the USA is not itself acting in the capacity of a Corporation, wheeling and dealing with other similar "entities" of like mind, with We The People as unwitting pawns. Some commentators and researchers have offered much evidence to support this claim.
3) Clue: NGOs often have the word "federal" in their organizations' names, yet are anything but federal. In other words they are not "government" in any way. They were not elected by We The People.
4) This also would include certain highly visible individual spokespersons, personalities, so called "experts," and talking heads representing their (NGOs) particular interests. Some of them represent more than one NGO. Some may even have ties to foreign interests not in our best interests.
5) Part of the game afoot is to make the word "recommendation" synonymous with "mandate" (which it is not) - because their spell (and we can see that they don't spell well) has you already under the impression that they have power under the Constitution to pull off what they've been doing. So, in essence they far overstep the boundaries of their jurisdiction, if they really even have any legit jurisdiction.
PS: Just an FYI, many NGOs, or GOs for that matter, are also not mandating The Little Demon for their employees... Just a little something to ponder before bed to help you get a better night's sleep...
Nighty night. 😴
Maybe some of us should have paid more attention in Civics Class.