Aug. 31, 2021

This Path Is Not The Wise Ancient Path

Yes, I'm old fashioned.
Our young women should NOT be sent to the front lines to be cannon fodder - ruined spiritually, mentally, and physically for the rest of their lives. I'm personally sick and tired of seeing these posts of young Veteran women with their limbs missing. This country and any country that sends its women off to combat is headed in the wrong direction, and my oh my, can't we just see that anyway by so many other indicators?
How tragically they have been misguided! Another feminist nightmare that women buy into.
Women and children have traditionally been DEFENDED by the male warriors in their tribes and nationalities. It was honorable! When it was necessary. Not in the defense of the interests of multinational corporations who run the politicians. But this is also another way to feminize and weaken men, reducing everyone down to denial of God ordained differences between men and women.
I'm a Veteran myself. But please, DON'T thank me for my service! I mean it. I'm ashamed of what the military is being turned into. My hitch was at a time when women were not sent off to battle, but did supportive work. They were RESPECTED enough as women, as females, wives, moms, sisters, to not put them into combat. That meant something in the days when we were not having genderless equality shoved down our throats, in the name of patriotism. Personally I find this trend disgusting, along with a lot of other directions this government is taking.
It's bad enough that the young men are sent! As far as I'm concerned, they are all regarded as blood sacrifices for the god of this world.
Whose "freedoms" are really being defended? It's time we stopped the idolatry of war. This country doesn't need anymore "God bless America" prayers. It needs to repent of its bloodguilt.