Sep. 18, 2021

On The Trail - Christian in Name Only

Medical 'prisoner': Woman dies in Catholic hospital after being denied basic rights.

This is not about picking on Catholics. But it is about exposing corruption wherever it may be found. Who cares what you call yourself? Yet, on the other hand, you should care, if your organization is regarded as Christian. Whose name do you stand for?

Only one doctor came to this woman's defense, and that of her Power of Attorney, before she passed away, as a prisoner in a hospital, which would not provide her with tried and true therapies, nor would they release her, which she was requesting, treatments which have been taken out of circulation.

Another example of how BigTechnoPharma runs everything (including the USA and most world governments, every industry on the planet, and especially all things regarding allopathic medicine), and the only answer - as far as they're concerned - is to take the Little Demon mRNA shot they want to inject into everyone. Or, if infected and sick, to take the treatments that will most enhance their bottom line.

These hospital administators - so called "Christian" or otherwise - and all who go along with them - need to be tried and sentenced for crimes against humanity. This is unquestionably incredibly draconian.

This video brings out that large hospital systems have taken over around 85% of private practices of individuals or physicians' groups. Primary care (and other specialists) physicians are now no more prestigious as independent care providers basically than any other bloke who works for the hospital systems, so they must abide by policies, be those policies ever so questionable. Whether they agree or not.

Remdesvir (spelling?), ventilators, and a covid diagnosis mean big access to big government money for these medical power systems.

This was on its way - though one was not sure then how it would roll out - around 2009, when it was "take the flu shot, or you lose your job" came into vogue. This included all nurses and other healthcare professionals and ancillaries. The hospital systems could also suspend visits from non compliant independent contractors, sales reps, and the practice privileges of physicians and other professionals. Even those who worked alone in some off site office with no patient contact were coerced or cajoled or threatened into complaince! It was totally a compliance issue, a test, if you will, in my opinion.

Consider what has rolled out since...

There was incentive for compliance to get more government funding even then, just for basically useless flu shots, which were also not safe and effective.

A lot of healthcare employees tried to get the word out. They were silenced, ignored, called kooks. But I still believe this was the beginning of something very much more sinister, a challenge to the right to decide what goes into our bodies!

Notice how the flu shot campaigns have disappeared? It was a conditoning exercise.

Corruption is everywhere. Does not the Good Book tell us that the love of money is the root of all evil? Power over others is right behind it.

How do you spell Nuremburg?