Oct. 11, 2021

Crowns Matter; Don't They?

This afternoon a Coronal Mass Ejection allegedly hit the earth, that is, according to the TruNews broadcast.
According to a more "official" report linked here, no such thing occurred. At least that's how I perceive what Spaceweather offers.
It's a matter of perplexity that stories get skewed at all. It's bad enough when mainstream lies through their teeth continually.
Is the Spaceweather report off a bit? Sometimes I wind up asking the question, just which lie am I supposed to believe?
After all, for example, we know that NASA is (perceived by some) as an acronym for Never A Straight Answer. Trust us on this one...
My take on the whole thing is that we've been bombarded with this word "corona" for the last couple of years. That of course got changed to that other operative term with a 19 tacked onto the end of it. Which bears a suspicious likeness to the word "covert". The original word translates out to head cold (one that mad scientists tinkered with so that it has a nastier attitude if you catch it).
The point is, it's about the word "corona." Which means "crown" essentially, but can be defined in the following ways that depict and symbolize crowns:
One almost gets the impression that whichever story of doom is out there, propaganda, fear, and conflicting news stories may be the "crowning" achievement of the powers that ought not to be, or the ones that wannabe, also sometimes disappointingly presented by those who claim to represent the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
All of which begs the question, should we be nervous about the fireballs in the sky caught on camera, or the biggest comet ever that is on a collision course for earth?
One thing's for sure - it may be an almost paradoxically refreshing change of venue, to set our sights on a game changer, that might be even bigger than the last, after being beat to death for 2 years now by other matters of the crown. After all, we get our kicks from threats of victimization. Get your kicks on Chanel 666. The bigger the better. One wonders if the human race has become addicted to fear.
Since it's October, maybe it's all just "bats," anyway, eh?
What do you think?