Oct. 12, 2021

A Forecast

A Forecast...
Loving it - cooler days, and a little breeze that makes the wind chimes sing. Overcast skies and the leaves are changing. A few are falling. (Must be somebody else's. Our maples are still green, but not for long.) I live for this season.
You can keep Summer's heat and humidity, dear beach nut friends. I love you, but I prefer the shoreline minus tourists and crowds, with a stiff breeze and giant waves. Now it's my turn.
And best of all the bugs are mostly gone. I will miss the humming birds darting around the trumpet vines, but our friends the squirrels continue their humorous antics all around the trees. They will provide entertainment and a lot of laughs, especially when they beg for peanuts at the window during lunch. Yes, some still work for peanuts! 🤣
I'm also praying for a Winter that brings better things for our country. And all people everywhere under the boot of this draconian techno-pharmaceutical tyranny.
Funny thing is, evil carries within its matrix a built in self destruct sequence, which has been initiated right along with its agenda. Watch for it. Pray, hope, and love those in your life. Above all look to God and honor His Word, and He will see us through whatever is ahead.
And never underestimate the occurrence of miracles. They can still happen. The evil seemed to come out of nowhere. But the Good can as well, and may it be wonderfully surprising!