Oct. 14, 2021

Just a Quick Transmission


So, here I am out here on the outer limits of an unknown nebula, at an undisclosed deep space location, and thinking nebulous thoughts. The place is right; the time is right. And there's not a whole lot else to ponder, when lost in space, except what ails Earth.

Just a thought, you understand. And it's not directly related to any Ancient Paths, specifically, except to find the Way out of lies and propaganda and some tricky celestial navigating to get there.

This is a long shot. But. Suppose. They have this thing going on back on Planet Earth, that little blue green watery rock, third one from the sun - a mysterious contagion. Allegedly a virus.

Let us, however, ask this: When is a virus not a virus?

Virus? Or genetically modfied and enhanced nano-parasite that infests, let's say, lungs and heart, then creates / leads to pneumonia?

Think Ivermectin – horse wormer. Could that be why they don’t want you to have an anti parasitic, and why people who take the anti parasitic get well fast from the mysterious contagion?

Just a quick thought, like I said, from the outer limits.


Open a hailing frequency, if you don't have anything better to do: