Nov. 3, 2021

Supplanting Reality Through Entertainment


“Meta”, the new "social" media endeavor, is nothing more than virtual bread and circuses 2 point 0.

The human race and face have long been carefully electronically monitored, codified, sized up, and scrutinized now since the beginnings of the internet. What I surmise has been concluded is that most will sell their souls to be entertained to the utmost - now by virtual and augmented reality.

Consequently this is pitched covertly, not as the control modality that it is, but making its appeal as an experiential 3-D (or more?) form of entertainment, where one can go as far as one desires in the playground of the vain imagination, and is provided some sort of electronic virtual reality matrix to do just that.

Just suppose that this is also only one component, one link - the feature - to be "enjoyed" with the techno pharmaceutical mechanism now in place. One has to be hooked up to this electronic grid somehow to enjoy the show, actually to be the star of the show, so to speak.

I'll let you follow the trail of crumbs from here, dear reader.

Many people cannot go through a day without TV, the internet, or caustic mind numbing music blasting into their ears. The electronic machines have likewise become an addiction. In a sense man is already linked to the cyber machine.

It should, therefore, not be much more of a stretch of the imagination that "Meta" would be the next generation of entertainment porridge - for which one’s soul and humanity will be exchanged. The next addiction to render humans controllable, uncreative, and not likely to do a whole lot of thinking for themselves. Let alone revolting against it.

Come to think of it, wasn’t Star Trek the Next Generation where the "Holodeck" first appeared? Consider why some of these shows were pitched so hard and so well. They got into everyone's heads since the 1960s until now! They were admittedly pretty good stories, often with some sort of ethical basis that got the buy in of many (although that started to slip not long after Next Gen got underway).

There it all was - a female officer sleeping with an android, interspecies dating and marriages. It all seemed so cute and innocent and ... "inclusive."

Star Trek the Motion Picture was pure Singularity, as Veger / Voyager the "evolved satellite" tried to return to its source and "sought" to merge with its creator humans. And did it ever!

A closer look reveals that these things were used to conceal what was being sold as a future - one without God and driven and “saved” and enhanced by technology. This is subtle mind control by stealth at its finest. Done very patiently. Just through this one "program" alone, which has been popular for over 50 years!

Gotta hand it to 'em. Clever. The iron fist in a velvet glove.

Hollywood’s finest trick.

I'm no longer a fan. I see it for what it really was and is.