Nov. 14, 2021

Fulfilling the Law

A run on of thoughts ...

What might it mean that Jesus fulfilled the Law? Jesus lived in such a way that He was revealing to us what ceremonies point to, not the impeccable, scrupulosity of the Pharisees to rituals, forms, observance of feasts and fasts and days.

Jesus lived and taught the deeper essence of these things, what they pointed to. Examples of this are to heal someone on the Sabbath or pick grain to eat. This always aroused the hierarchy to fever pitch.

They were all about perfect performance of the rules and rituals. They thought that is what fulfillment means.

As do many Christians now. This is the leaven if the Pharisees Jesus warned about!

Mercy, justice, and the keeping of His Commandments are far more important than the forms pointing to them!

While forms were to be observed, the weightier matters of an internal sea change (true ongoing conversion) is what the redemption and our salvation are all about, and that is only found in and through the work of Jesus Christ being experientially applied to our innermost being.

Jesus challenges the Pharisees who should have been exemplars of presenting both the external and the internal while regarding themselves as teachers of Israel. They were not. He challenged their comfort in their own view that keeping ceremony impeccably was how they regarded the fulfillment of the Law.

I fear that many Christians still in 2021 have more leaven of the Pharisees than Light of Christ within, for they obsess over the same matters as the Pharisees, rather than the mind of Christ over these matters.

KISS: Keep it simple, Saints.


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