Dec. 2, 2021

How Things Work

A short Thursday thought on the link:
Always remember - follow the money wherever draconian mandates or even "recommendations" are implemented. (Recommendations become redefined into mandates in the minds of the people, after the media mockingbird mouthpieces do their job for their keepers, who also run the politicians. Eventually the public is conditioned to SEE them as "law" - which they are not. We still have a Constitution, believe it or not!!!).
Somebody stands to make a lot of money with this mental maneuvering, and those "somebodies" have control of the politics of this country, making their appeal through completely corrupt politicians. They are controllable because they are so corrupt.
It makes sense to me that they control the politicians, not the other way around - as many people are led to believe.
Politicians are the puppets.
Media is the mouthpiece attempting to do your thinking for you. Stop letting them do that!
Think about that. I suspect you will see it clearly after awhile.
Thank God that a judge finally saw through this and overruled it. But it is not time to rest on our laurels.
We must keep praying and being involved in spreading the truth. Let truth like a virus infest the matrix of lies in which we have been immersed.
To God be the glory! ☦️


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