Jan. 3, 2022

2022 Trope: Soap For A Dope


You have to look at this link! Welcome to 2022, by the way.


No, I'm not advertising for Bezoz and Company. I begin the year by sounding a warning about things decades in progress, but now approaching the fulfillment of underhanded, subtle, diabolical goals for humanity - about which humanity in general has nothing to say. 

This kind of stuff makes me cringe!!! For about $55 you can have a SOAP DISPENSER that tells you when your "20 second CDC recommended hand wash" is accomplished, of course, in conjunction with Alexa. If you're one of their "true believers" you will think that sounds just fine. But not for the rest of us.
I mean seriously, peeps, we're being lured into being robotic and flat out lazy with all this nonsense that tells you this, and does that and the other thing for you. Is it really too much to get up and go flip on the light switch by yourself? Do you have to tell a machine to do it for you?
Pretty soon you just sit there and have your life run by the technocrats and their doggone machines, which make their appeal to the laziness in human nature. How much more dumbing down and disempowering are we going to allow???!!! If you're a dope, then here's how you get soap, for example!
... And you think the info in the the following link on marijuana isn't related? 
Legalizing that stuff is all part of the dehumanizing of our race. Little by little. Incremental baby steps, Bob. The totalitarian 2 step! (As David Icke puts it.)
So after I smoke my joint, and if I'm still aware enough that I want to wash my hands, I stumble over to the sink, where I find my soap dispenser hooked up with the CDC's "recommendations," which require Alexa for an interface to turn on and time a hand wash, which I no longer have sense enough to perform myself, because I've turned into a stoner - thanks to my best friend Maryjane.
Next thing will be some machine that tells me to put my hands under the running water to commence a hand wash, and maybe one that actually picks up my limp limbs and puts them in the washing position...
Lord, have mercy!!!
Remember? "You will own nothing and you will be happy," echo Gates of Hell and that Schwab guy to each other. 
Unlike Psalm 128:2, which tells us, "When you eat the labor of your hands, You shall be happy, and it shall be well with you."
But never mind. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along. Keep the line moving. Last train to Auschwitz! All aboard!

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