Jan. 6, 2022


God is good. He is interested in the little things in our life. Today I have a few good little things to report on. I hope you find them uplifting and encouraging.
First of all my hubby took me out for lunch on a day when the roads and weather are hazardous. I really appreciated it. Although we're no longer spring chickens, he still plowed and shoveled the driveway, He keeps up outside chores in summer. He's truly amazing. And I appreciate him.
While we were waiting for a table to be cleared, I prayed for the server to be an attentive one. She was very much that and also very kind. So my little prayer was answered, and we enjoyed a good dinner attended to by a sweet young woman with a servant's heart. Servanthood matters...
And I'm learning to pray about the little things like that. There's no detail of our life that our Lord does not have in hand. And sometimes He wants us to notice it and give thanks. Especially when we ask and He obliges.
On the way out, the little entryway to the restaurant had become quite slippery, and as I remarked about it to my hubby, a young fellow pops up out of nowhere and says, "Ma'am, would you like some help?" Then he offered me his arm to lean on while I walked down the little slope. That was one of the most considerate things I've experienced from a complete stranger in a public place in a long time. Young people like that give us hope that life will continue as it should here on Planet Earth.
Often people are in a hurry, so they will rush to the door to go in first, so they don't have to wait to hold it open for anyone else. I recall recently having several boxes in my arms, and as I got to the door, someone who was looking out that door walked away as I approached! Deliberate or just insensitive? So I struggled to open it and go into the building. I was stunned.
But today's happening was an entirely unexpected and pleasant gesture!
So this young fellow impressed me today. So did our server. They were kind, noticed before being asked for help, and acted. Noticing others matters. Being considerate matters.
And I believe that much of life is based upon a sowing and reaping principle. Whatever we give forth, or hold back, so it comes to us. I've never seen it fail.
God is good, and He shows His kindness often in the little things of everyday life, through people, situations, and even the animals that interact with us. We might think it has to be all "religious" trappings and outwardly pious behaviors in religious settings, but frankly the older I get, the less I think that's not even worth a hill of beans.
Religiosity as far as worship goes - that vertical axis of the cross - is important, but I don't notice anywhere in Scripture where it says we're going to be judged on perfecting of worship forms, but rather on the Christlike heart that notices, cares, and loves as Christ - the horizontal axis of the cross - and treats others as if they are Christ, even when they don't know the Gospel, or they're not of our belief system. Be good to them anyway. Christ died for ALL! So you never know when you're going to switch on the light for that person.
We can notice all the darkness of the world, yes. It is sooo dark now. Indeed it is. And there are things we need to reveal to others, even if nobody is listening, because it's part of what we do, to expose the evil. We're told by Jesus of a time when iniquity will be so thick that the love (agape') of many will grow cold! A chilling thought. They will give up! That we must not do! For He asks, when the Son of Man comes will He find faith on the earth. And faith works by love. That love is light in this darkness, and it makes a difference. Love matters!!!
So, against the black night every once in awhile there's a glimmering star or two that winks at you. It's beautiful to behold. And it's important to point it out, in my opinion, that this is God's way of letting you know He's still here, still now, still there, still everywhere!!! He sees, hears, knows, and answers prayer. Even for the little things. In spite of everything else - personal or political - that's happening.
That said, in a figure of speech, be encouraged, and keep your eyes on the skies. The "twinklers" are out there.
And if you're one who glimmers, then shine on! Twinkle, twinkle, little star! Your light will brighten someone's day when they need to see it.
God be praised.
All the best to you from the wild blue,
Celestial Nomad

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