Jan. 25, 2022

The Show Goes On

"Social" media - where anyone can start his or her own personality cult. Some clever. Some not so clever. Everyone can be his or her own self acknowledged and appointed know all things potentate, princess, pope, or popette, with their own set of "disciples." (Browsing through "friend suggestions" somewhat sparked these remarks.)
I guess if it came down to the reality of actual life contents every day, there wouldn't be much there for the projectors of image, since everything's lived inside people's heads and imaginings. What a psych info mining operation this has become for the technocrats who would also be the big gods! The wannabe big gods who run the platforms for the wannabe little gods.
Ho hum.
Before computers, "devices", and the internet, people actually valued amounting to something in life. The point was to produce "goods and services" benefitting others. In physical reality. This meant that producing something for the good of other people actually was a virtue and an objective, something desirable.
Now it's about personalities and projections. It's an image projection as a carrier for pitching information, propaganda, self, ... or candidates. And whether we realize it or not, it might be worth asking, have I been subtly led to embrace this new trendiness, without even realizing it? Becoming an unintentional follower of the new imagers and wanting my image "worshipped"?
The script is the same as the last several go rounds of the same illusions. Same song, same refrain. It's not hard to learn once you hum a few bars and pick it up. It almost comes by way of osmosis, of absorbing and being absorbed.
The "reset" has already taken place. The stars of the show and their headliners are being trotted out, as the new (and old) villains and victors are heralded as the saviors of mankind. I won't mention examples, since that will be directly poking the stick at both Demoblicans and Republicrats.
Observe the patterns repeating themselves, not the personalities perfectly coiffed and dressed to the nines, the "hooks". The images projected by the chosen hooks are by design of their handlers, the big gods, so to speak. In some ways they might not have to say a word. Their symbolism stands for the message their handlers want them to express.
Then sit back and wait for what follows.
It's a show worth missing, in my opinion. The applause sign just blew its fuse. Oh dear. One might even want a refund on the price of admission this time.
I may personally skip this episode, since there are few reruns worth seeing. The show needs to leave town. Perhaps even the theatre needs to just happen to burn down.
Nothing new under the sun, is there?

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