Apr. 16, 2022

Mission, Great Commission, and Prayer


See Ps 115:16.

Mt 28:18.

Mt 6:10.

Rom 8:18-22.


From the very beginning God created mankind for dominion over the creation. Yet the symptoms of the “norm” ever since indicate the presence of a lot of very, very bad actors dominating, rather than loving and caring for, the Earth and one another.

If we parse out the saga very carefully, we can see that, as the Serpent beguiled the primal pair, it was with a view to overtaking and possessing what God had placed into the hands of the children of men. The rest is history.

The Serpent and his followers, seen and unseen, Human and non Human, have by design and stealth, since the beginning, sought to coerce and attain from Humanity what God has given to us, including not just cosmic real estate, but most importantly our very immortal souls!

The terrors and horrors that now unfold are upon us because we have perhaps only now begun to understand our mission and what has until now remained a cloaked agenda. Thus we have not clearly grasped and embraced the scope of the mission, the Great Commission, or the real reasons for and content of our praying, or the need to be divinely directed. The fact is that what has long been in place covertly is being exposed. Our eyes are being opened. That presents a threat to the illicit place holders.

We have to understand that the forces in place go on in their tactics from cunning and coercion to tumult, torture, and terror, in attempts to acquire that to which they actually have no right, let alone to have so handily set themselves up as its masters... except by the permission and compliance of certain Humans who have exchanged their God given rights and territories for the lies of this adversary. Including their very souls!

The bloody lie of having to be “inclusive” of every form of sin and abomination is a part of these tactics. They have recruited a lot of brazen loud mouths to promote this, who are the real haters of Our God and Lord Jesus Christ, righteousness, and truth. Because it is how they spin the illusion of “being one” and get their foot in the door.

In the Church we must come to grips with the true authority which has been placed in our hands, belonging to all who are being formed into sons of God, in our Lord Jesus Christ, administrating this kingdom under the direction of our Elder Brother, the Firstborn and only begotten Son of God. We must make it clear that sin is damning, not just some little weakness in mankind. It’s time to call a spade a spade!

His blood was shed in victory over the Serpent, and He has purchased and won the souls of all who were given to Him by the Father. Thus - no longer slaves to sin and its consequence death, self, or the Serpent - we are to live within this greatest of all emancipations, and participate in its Gospel implications, that we are free from sin, self, and the Serpent by the Blood of the Lamb! We are then called to live in and serve our Lord in everlasting righteousness, innocence, and blessedness.

Our praying, therefore, needs to exhibit a far greater comprehension of and authority within this blessed reality than has thus far characterized it. The hazy, lazy clouds of religiosity have so often been substituted for and supplanted powerful praying with understanding. This needs to change... Lord, teach us to pray!

Christ our God has become one of us, the very “bridge” between God and man. He is the Son of God and Son of Man Who has been given all authority in Heaven AND on Earth, returning this into the hands of His Bride, the Church - the Administratrix of all things that are His.

Let the haze clear with the brightness of the rising of His Daystar in our hearts, so that we may, in the anointing and power of His Holy Spirit, become what we were intended to be from the beginning, as we grow in His likeness from glory to glory.

Soli Deo Gloria!



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