Apr. 27, 2022

On The Cusp Of Change



John 16:33. “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

As it was in the beginning, so it is at the culmination, a time of great tribulation. These are days of global distress.

This verse was spoken at the end of the lengthy “briefing” which Jesus had delivered to His disciples at their last Passover together. It was right before His final prayer preceding His passion and resurrection. They were going to need to remember as events unfolded. So should we.

Things were about to change drastically in every order of being, in the realms both corporeal and incorporeal, seen and unseen, perceived and not perceived, for all of the created orders of the cosmos and the world. What was about to happen would shake them to the core.

Here is where we learn not to react in terms of what is on the surface of our comprehensions.

It was the beginning of the end of the reign of darkness as our Lord spoke these words. It didn’t seem like that. Yet the darkest hours were now unfolding. These would be supplanted by the resurrection of our Lord Who would also ascend to take His place as the One having all authority in heaven and on earth.

He would then bestow the Holy Spirit, pouring Him out on all flesh without end. The Comforter, Counselor - to not only be with us but to be within all who will receive Him. He provides the understanding when nothing makes sense. Not always right away. By Him we are to proclaim the Gospel of Eternal Salvation, with our words and our ways, shining as His light, ever growing brighter.

We find ourselves asking, why do You wait so long, Lord, to return? Might it be that we have not grasped the full scope and import of our mission? Has the understanding been subtly supplanted by reductionist cheap grace, lazy and easy believism, or mere Old Testament style religionism with a Christian storefront?

We do not any longer understand the Church Militant here below or its connection to the Church Triumphant above.

Could it be that we no longer comprehend the magnitude and scope of our mission, or our place in it - as the agency of God to root out powerful cosmic entities long entrenched here on Earth, for perhaps unimaginable millennia?

Have we forgotten in the fog of time and deception the long ago serpentine rebellion against God, His creation, and the human race created in His image - whom He created and declared His heirs and His inheritance who are to reign in Christ Jesus, becoming His sons, forged in the fire of tribulation to bear the likeness of Christ in the world, and before all realities?

Have we forgotten what His will is, that we are created to be heirs and joint heirs through and in Jesus Christ, as eventual administrators of His vast, eternal kingdom - not by way of “ruling over” but rather by way of humility toward our Lord’s Will and love and service in the mind of Christ toward all mankind.

The final word of Jesus is one of comfort, peace, and the reminder to not be afraid. In spite of what our reason and senses tell us about our situation and the unfolding events.

We have to remember that this “reversal of administration” which He has set in motion through His passion and resurrection is unstoppable!

Not only that, but we are also assured that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, as He causes all things to work together for the good of all who are called to this grand mission, and are participants in His eternal plans and purposes.

It is this messenger’s prayer and heartfelt desire that all of us who name the name of Jesus Christ, in great or very humble stations in life, will be granted the vision of what it really means to be called by His name.

Soli Deo Gloria!



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